April 8, 2009

About Me

Hola!! I'm Joy, a Chilean Industrial Designer who's crazy about nature and swimming.
I enjoy carving, drawing, reading and sewing; I drool over computers, fabric, pretty paper, purple and patterns. To me, chocolate should be one of the seven wonders, right next to lemon pie.

I never thought an exchange work experience program was going to change my life forever, but while working in California, I met Mr. Poodle, and ever since my days are better and brighter. We are two goofy souls that, after finding each other, couldn’t help but want to be together forever.

It has being a long and sometimes hard road, since we have to deal with such a long distance between us, but we are now facing the last stage of our FiancĂ© Visa (K1), and soon we will be together. You know the best part? We will be married! So I’ll be blogging from Chile until just a few months before our “green and purple” wedding.


1) I will be in Chile until just a few of months before the wedding, so most of this planning process its going to be a very long distance one.

2) My favorite color is Purple and Mr.K's favorite is green, there you go!! Our colors.

3) The wedding location will be Mr.K' s GP Ranch in California. I love simple and rustic, It goes perfect with the ranch :)

4) We are trying to plan a green, Eco-Friendly (as much as we can) wedding. To us recycling and DIY will be very very important.

5) The actual date will be one of the last things we will know, cause we are waiting on visa paper stuff. (If you are here cause you know me from VJ you know better than anyone what I'm talking about hehe) but we are hoping for January 2010

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