January 5, 2011

My $3.00 wedding dress

Hola hive! Since the Handmade Amor recaps were interrupted by our vacation to Chile (Yes, It's summer here) I wanted to share a little project I made for Halloween, my $3.00 wedding dress! well, it was my costume wedding dress, I dress up as a mail order bride and Mr. Poodle as a Geek :) It was super fun and the perfect excuse to make a pretty white dress.

Mr. Poodle's aunt gave us some old curtains, that I had saved. So, to make it  I used the curtains and the purple left over from my wedding dress, I purchased $3.00 of white satin and that was it!

I wish I would have had the time before our wedding to make this one and I would have totally wear it at the party, I loved the one strap back  and the rough edge.

I also made flowers for the strap, the first design I had in mind was a little different and with a bottom full of flowers, but since I only had 6 hours to finish the dress and head over to the party, I went the easy was and forgot about my (very cool in mi mind) idea of having a full of flowers bottom.

This was the very first thing wedding related I did after our wedding and I realize how much I loved to make my wedding dress and this dress, so I offered my help to my friends if they need a wedding dress in the future =]

Sorry about the wrinckles, but I took all of those pictures the day after the party and forgot to press the center sash. I decided to make it with an incorporated sash, easy and simple.

And that's it!

We will be back in February from our vacations (I am spending as much time as I can with my family here in Chile) so the recaps will continue then. Happy new year hive!!! and I hope you don't forget about me.

Much love
Mrs. Poodle.
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