April 30, 2009

013 - Cupcakes Yum!!

I found this cool looking Cupcakes pops and they look soooo cute, I have no idea we could use something like this as favors, but since I had my first cupcakes just last year I would be the happiest one making those hehe (Link)

Images Source

Here's the (Link) again :)

April 22, 2009

012 - My flowers are coming alive!!

After half hour folding, this is the partial result, we timed each flower. In order to know how much work we will have left, and guess what? I have 25 long hours of folding waiting, but that's if i fold all by myself!!

We skip the final part for now cause they need to be ready for the trip, once they are in California they can bloom to they final beautiful stage.

So now the question is " Would you fold with me PLEASEEEE!??"

Here the tutorial again just in case (Link)

April 21, 2009

011 - Eco-Friendly!!

Ok I couldn't help it and I did some quick 4 hour research (oohh my I need to stay away from the computer!) about Eco-friendly stuff, one of my favorites are this Blossoms that can be turn in to so many different things. I already have a big and cool idea of what I'll do with this, but I'm not revealing until I can show it better. So just keep those bottoms in mind and if you live in California, please help me save them!!! I don't want to look like a really weird girl that travels with tons of those with her, instead of clothes hehe

{ Image Source (Link) by iDiY }

I also found this flowers made of plastic bags

{ Image Source (Link) }

and how about a cheese or butter plate made of Wine Glass bottles?

{ Image Source (Link) }

I really love all the different things you can do or buy that are using recycled materials.

Are you planning on incorporated a "green" idea for your wedding? want to share it with the hive?

April 20, 2009

010 - Hold our cake please?

I haven't been able to search for a lot of ideas lately, until today :), I saw this cuteeee cake stand posted on Once wed (Link) that I showed Mr. poodle right away; he loved it!! and he actually wants to make one for us, so yaaayy!! I´m checking that out of my list and typing it into his hehe (evil smile)

{Image Source (Link) }

The cool thing, it even has a tutorial (Link) That I -really fast- emailed to Mr. Poodle :) even tho I know there's no need for it, because he already said "Baby don't worry that's a piece of cake". I'm so excited to see how our cake stand ends up looking :)

So is your Mr. helping you with DIY projects? If so - are you just giving him the "easiest" ones? Or he get's to pick what he does?

009 - So the top 3 (so far) ARE!!!!

This are my favorites TOP 3 "real wedding" from OnceWed, I'm becoming a huge fan of this site, along with Weddingbee.

1. This has to be the coolest ceremony scenarios I've seen so far -> (Click here)

2. I totally loved the rustic flavor on this one -> (Click here)

3. How cool is to have a tree with paper cranes like this one -> (Click here)

Some of my last post pics where from this weddings, but in the total madness of bookmarks I had under the WEDDING STUFF section of my computer, they just got lost for a couple of weeks, now that I'm working on getting everything organized they finally pop up again, yay!! :)

April 19, 2009

008 - Flores de Arcilla

I Found this really cool blog call Blossoms (Link) and I felt in love with their deco clay flowers, want to see? look.

Aren't they cute?

Well, after looking at tons of pictures of clay flowers and bouquets I decided I will immerse myself into the clay world and work on my very own bouquet. Ive never worked with clay before so I know it can't be as good as those, they are "CLAY MASTERS!" but on the other hand I've pretty much teach myself every technique I know :)

I feel that it will mean so much to me to make my own bouquet - I wanted to make an origami one at first. So this could be another cute option.

I'm going shopping for material tomorrow and I'll start experimenting, once I decided what I will be doing, I'm going to post the process and instructions.
I sound like I have a lot of faith on my future clay skills lol, and I haven't even work with it yet, but I have a good felling about this, so cross your fingers for me (yay!)

Have you tried to learn something just so you can use it at your wedding?

April 18, 2009

007 - Wedding Random Inspiration

I just saw this apple wedding on OnceWed and i felt like i was on apple heaven :) ohh I ♥ apples!!

I also loved the backyard wedding ideas

Pictures from different rustic outdoor real wedding by OnceWed

I saw this cool idea on a bride bio at the knot but as I'm always thinking DIY is always better :)

This is a really cool idea and here is the tutorial, so easy!

April 17, 2009

006 - Folding Madness!!

I already share with the hive my obsession about using every single piece of purple paper I've gather thought the years for our wedding. That way we can cut cost on the flowers and I'll be finally using all my paper stack.

I've been searching for pretty folding paper projects, that I though I should share and this is the list so far - apart from the center pieces and cherry blossoms I post earlier (here)

This is the tutorial (Link) And this are some examples of balls made with this flowers

{ Picture from (Source) }

{ Picture from (Source) }

This is some other kind of flower call venus

{ Picture from (Source) }

The tutorial here (Video Link separated in 6 small videos) via Origamiancy (Link)

And some random folding projects I like

{ Here's the description of the project (Link) }

Here's the description and video tutorial via Origamiancy (Link)

Here's the description and tutorial on .PDF format (Link)

I was also searching for different origami boxes and this is what I found and like so far

{ Picture source }

And I Found this cool Instructions:

1 Page
2 Page
3 Page

Here's another tutorial for the box (Link)

Are you attempting to learn a new technique to make something for your wedding ? want to share?

April 16, 2009

005 - Cute for the ladies

I've been researching for the girl's dresses, just to have ideas I can show them later. And ask them about what they think is comfortable or will feel comfortable using for the wedding.

My mom actually offered to make them, but I'm not sure about how much time she will have available for that, that for I'm not planning 100% on that.

Here the ones that cough my attention: ( Just the shapes, not all the colors)

{ Image Source (Link) }

{ Image Source (Link) }

{ Image Source (Link) }

{ Image Source (link) }

{ Image Source (Link) }

{ Image Source (link) }

{ Image Source (Link) }

{ Image Source (link) }

{ Image Source (Link) }

I can imagine all of this on a purple and green combination of colors :) it gets me so excited!

Now if I could manage to make those with my mom it would be soooo cool, not just because we could pick the fabric and colors, but because we could costume make them, each one could choose what best fits them based on their body types :) Keep dreaming Miss Poodle! I need a clone to do everything I'm planning on doing hehe

Are you suggesting your maids what to wear? if so how are you approaching them and are they paying for the dresses themselves?

April 15, 2009

004 - Here comes THE DRESS!

So as some of you know, I'm designing and making my own wedding dress, but the sewing part it's not as bad as having to decide over a million kind of shapes!

After tons of research and as I share with you here I decided to get some inspiration by well known wedding designers and narrow down to 3. I actually started last month and by now I have the bottom part completely done and I'm working on the top (pictures soon) yay!

Now because our venue ( Mr. Poodle's Granparent's ranch) is really dusty I decided to go with the simple plain puffy tulle bottom, so that way the fabric wont catch as much durst as the other choices I had.

But the top is not going to be like the picture your about to see, so don't worry I'll have the "girls" well covered ;)

♥ The dress!!

To view scroll down...
(Para ver, has scroll hacia abajo...)

This is one of the signature dresses by my favorite designer Monique Lhuillier : Swan Lake.

Pic by Oncewed

I don't remember the Designer but sure gets close to my idea

As for the hair picture big waves and a flower on the side, sounds so much like my dream hairstyle :)

Pictures by bios on the knot

I'm not really a "pearls" king of girl, actually I don't have anything with pearls on them, but I feel so tempted when I see this kind of pictures!!

by Redot Design

I also wanted color shoes, I can't help but jump on the "color shoes wagon". I wasn't sure about the color, either green or purple. (My feet want to wear purple - but I feel bad I'm leaving Mr. Poodle's color behind :) )

Picture by Jennifer Bowen

Don't you feel like after you know the kind of dress you want, all the other " look ideas" that pop every second to your head, start to make sense?

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