April 22, 2010

Poodle Projects: Welcoming our guest

My first idea for the sign on the main road to the Ranch, was kind of different to what we end up doing, the idea was to have us holding balloons so our guest could see the road from far away but also little Poodle balloons directing to where they should go.

Actually not doing the dog shape balloons attached to the ground was more of a relieve than a sad feeling, in fact I liked the final sign way better than my original idea :)

For this project I had help all the way from Switzerland from my favorite cousin Hector! He wanted to help me in some way, so I ask him to draw Mr. Poodle and I for our Save the Dates, but due to bad timing we end up not being able to do the sketch and doing just a picture of our legal ceremony.

Anyways, he did started the drawing and showed it to me on the web-cam, here's a screen-shot of him showing me the first stage of the sketch.

[ So cute! ]

[ Close up! ]

and he send me the file almost done, I though then I could use it for the SIGN! I just needed to change my arm to hold the balloons! so I draw it on a BIG piece of plywood ( Because I wanted them to be real-size)

After that FIL cut the edges for me and I started painting

Since the jigsaw left stains on the white plywood I re painted all of it

Pick my Black paint and started the real painting =)

This was a fairly easy project and I TOTALLY loved the final result, My cousin did such an awesome job with our faces, I think Mr. Poodle looks SO MUCH like him <3

And here you can see it on the trial run!

At first I was kind of afraid the project was going to be too time consuming, because I did finish it only a few days before the wedding but it end up being very a lot more simple and less time consuming tan what I expected.

Did you get surprised about the complexity of projects after finish them? In a good or bad way?

April 18, 2010

Poodle Projects: Cake topper and more

Long time a go I showed you all the beginning of our cake toppers: wire, clay and lots of love! but I actually HAD to finish them! and since back them we still didn't know exactly what we were going to end up wearing I waited until the last week to finish them, with the help of one of MIL friends. I used fabric from my dress to finish the brides and paint on both Mr. Poodles.

If you don't remember, our idea for the cake topper was for the bride to be up on the top of the cake holding a rope, while Mr. Poodle climbs on the side, now without further does, the pics!

caketopper1 [ Bride close up ]

caketopper2 [ Both of us! ]

caketopper3 [ I loved the bride’s dress :) ]

and for one of our tables, I made other little people that hold a “Thank you for coming” sign

caketopper5 [ I say CUTE! ]

I loved the way they end up looking and the paining Tammy (MIL’s Friend) made for us!
Now to see them in action you will have to wait for our recaps, but I think you get our idea just with this pictures :) I am so glad I ask for help because She is so talented and we end up looking adorable!

Are you asking for help to family members? how was that experience?

April 16, 2010

Poodle Projects: the lost and the one that were never finish

Even though you will not see this projects in our wedding recaps I though I should mention them because I did spend LOTS of time on them.

So first The lost one: Sometimes in weddings you lose the track of were things are, specially DIY loaded weddings like ours. So the day after our wedding I found this on a bag:

flower-pomander2[  A very cute purple shaded pomander! ]

We packed it with our flowers and one of our friends transport them to the ranch, the things is that at some point it got lost, so our flower girl only had her little basket.

Many BEEs have blog about different pomanders, but I though I should still show the little detail that made this one special to me:

It was not the fact that I made it twice because I pick a Styrofoam ball WAY too big for our flower girl. It was the edge detail carefully crafted my Groomsman Scott!


While Bridesmaid Katy cut stripes of paper, he punched them with my favorite Martha puncher =)


They did such an awesome job with those!


So I had half tissue paper and half napkin flowers to attach to the ball.

flower-pomander3 [ Images by yours truly ]

So sad our pomander spend all of our wedding hidden on a bag :( but at least you all know got to see it!

Now, the one that were never finish: Early on our planning, one of the very first projects I wanted to DIY for our wedding was this amazing plastic bottle bottom chandelier

NMO4429_mp [ Source ]

Sadly I ran out of time and I had to focus on more important projects, I end up having more than 1,000 plastic flowers like this ones

flowerfall_garden_mbrand [ Source ]

I have, clear, green and purple. I so wish I would have had one more week just to finish this lovelies!! But on the bright side, I can always make some decor for my future craft room :)

Do you end up with half finish projects or any lost ones? Any ideas on what to do with these?

April 13, 2010

This weekend...

 ... we got married!!

 [Photo by family member]

I have to say that the last 3 days I felt the higher level of stress I've ever experience in my life, and I don't think we could have done it without all of the help from our family and friends. Because they don't just help us building our own chapel, they went so much further than that.

I had help setting tables, baking my sweet buffet, ironing tablecloth, painting clothepins, making tissue paper flowers, my mom sew for 2 days straight to help me finish 4 vest and tons of pillow covers, it was a truly labor of love... and when we had everything set up outside and the weather changed, everyone runned and move everything inside the metal barn, I dont think I have words to explain how thankful we are of being surrounded by all of this love.

and even though the reception was not what I had planned in my mind, it was SO AWESOME! We enjoyed every single second, we danced until we had no more energies ( past midnight)  and we got to share everything with my family in Chile thanks to our dear friends Carl and Jimmy that did an awesome job Ustreaming the whole ceremony and most of the reception =)

I felt very bad in the last weeks because I was so busy I had no time to blog or share projects with all of you, but I'm going to make it up now that calm has come again the Poodle house!  - Momma Poodle is staying with us for 2 more weeks, that's why we moved our honeymoon date so we could enjoy her company and then after she leaves we will go enjoy our Tahoe honeymoon, so meanwhile I will update you with all of the last 2 weeks projects! so we can all wait until I get the Pro pics and start with the "Handmade Amor" recaps :)

So thanks to all of you for keeping track of this journey and extreme DIY wedding adventure. Thank you for all the help, wishes and support.  Weddingbee definitely touch my heart and I know our wedding would have not being the same without it. This is such an amazing community :)

Thank you!

MRS. Poodle =)

April 2, 2010

Momma Poodle!…

  … Was approved to come to our wedding!!!!

momma1[ Me, Momma Poodle, Sister Poodle ]

If you remember on my last post I asked to everyone to wish us luck because her second visa interview was this week. Well, thank you hive!! because all the prayers and good energy you all send our way, finally paid off and she will be in sunny California in just a few days!!

Of course we still have mixed feelings because my little sister will not be able to come :( This time we decided my mom was going to apply alone because they needed a family tie to Chile, and since they don't live with my Dad, they pretty much only have each other.

My sister was incredibly happy because my Mom was approved witch only proves how awesome of a little sister she is, she only wanted Poodle Mom to come because she knew how much I needed her presence and support that day. That does not mean I don't need her,and to be honest my heart still brakes every time I think about the fact that my sister will not be here with me.

But Mr Poodle’s family surprised me the other day and they manage to get internet and power to do a Ustream Broadcast and talk to them over Skype on the day of the wedding, so MOH and Poodle sister already made plans to get together that day and watch the wedding online :)

I think is pretty awesome considering our ceremony will be pretty much in the middle of nowhere!

 We are so incredibly excited to have my Mom here!! We can’t wait :)

[Mr. Poodle and Momma Poodle]

It will also be the very first time My mom meets Mr. Poodle’s family! I know I’ll have to be the translator during her stay because she only knows very little English and Mr. Poodle’s family only know a little bit of Spanish. So Mr Poodle and I are very anxious to see what’s going to happen :)

I am so extremely happy she’s coming! she will be walking me down the aisle just like I dreamed!!
So Thank you again hive for all the pray and wishes!

Miss Poodle!
Ps. I am only a week away from being MRS. for real! – YAY!
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