April 16, 2010

Poodle Projects: the lost and the one that were never finish

Even though you will not see this projects in our wedding recaps I though I should mention them because I did spend LOTS of time on them.

So first The lost one: Sometimes in weddings you lose the track of were things are, specially DIY loaded weddings like ours. So the day after our wedding I found this on a bag:

flower-pomander2[  A very cute purple shaded pomander! ]

We packed it with our flowers and one of our friends transport them to the ranch, the things is that at some point it got lost, so our flower girl only had her little basket.

Many BEEs have blog about different pomanders, but I though I should still show the little detail that made this one special to me:

It was not the fact that I made it twice because I pick a Styrofoam ball WAY too big for our flower girl. It was the edge detail carefully crafted my Groomsman Scott!


While Bridesmaid Katy cut stripes of paper, he punched them with my favorite Martha puncher =)


They did such an awesome job with those!


So I had half tissue paper and half napkin flowers to attach to the ball.

flower-pomander3 [ Images by yours truly ]

So sad our pomander spend all of our wedding hidden on a bag :( but at least you all know got to see it!

Now, the one that were never finish: Early on our planning, one of the very first projects I wanted to DIY for our wedding was this amazing plastic bottle bottom chandelier

NMO4429_mp [ Source ]

Sadly I ran out of time and I had to focus on more important projects, I end up having more than 1,000 plastic flowers like this ones

flowerfall_garden_mbrand [ Source ]

I have, clear, green and purple. I so wish I would have had one more week just to finish this lovelies!! But on the bright side, I can always make some decor for my future craft room :)

Do you end up with half finish projects or any lost ones? Any ideas on what to do with these?

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  1. Those pomander flowers are gorgeous! I'm so sad they didn't make it to your wedding. I love (and secretly hate!) how everything you create is like 100 times better looking than what I did. You're amazing, so pat yourself on your back!


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