April 13, 2010

This weekend...

 ... we got married!!

 [Photo by family member]

I have to say that the last 3 days I felt the higher level of stress I've ever experience in my life, and I don't think we could have done it without all of the help from our family and friends. Because they don't just help us building our own chapel, they went so much further than that.

I had help setting tables, baking my sweet buffet, ironing tablecloth, painting clothepins, making tissue paper flowers, my mom sew for 2 days straight to help me finish 4 vest and tons of pillow covers, it was a truly labor of love... and when we had everything set up outside and the weather changed, everyone runned and move everything inside the metal barn, I dont think I have words to explain how thankful we are of being surrounded by all of this love.

and even though the reception was not what I had planned in my mind, it was SO AWESOME! We enjoyed every single second, we danced until we had no more energies ( past midnight)  and we got to share everything with my family in Chile thanks to our dear friends Carl and Jimmy that did an awesome job Ustreaming the whole ceremony and most of the reception =)

I felt very bad in the last weeks because I was so busy I had no time to blog or share projects with all of you, but I'm going to make it up now that calm has come again the Poodle house!  - Momma Poodle is staying with us for 2 more weeks, that's why we moved our honeymoon date so we could enjoy her company and then after she leaves we will go enjoy our Tahoe honeymoon, so meanwhile I will update you with all of the last 2 weeks projects! so we can all wait until I get the Pro pics and start with the "Handmade Amor" recaps :)

So thanks to all of you for keeping track of this journey and extreme DIY wedding adventure. Thank you for all the help, wishes and support.  Weddingbee definitely touch my heart and I know our wedding would have not being the same without it. This is such an amazing community :)

Thank you!

MRS. Poodle =)

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  1. de nuevo, felicidades!!!
    me da mucho gusto saber que tuvieron una linda boda y que toda tu familia les ayudó muchisimo!
    congrats, MRS.!


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