April 18, 2010

Poodle Projects: Cake topper and more

Long time a go I showed you all the beginning of our cake toppers: wire, clay and lots of love! but I actually HAD to finish them! and since back them we still didn't know exactly what we were going to end up wearing I waited until the last week to finish them, with the help of one of MIL friends. I used fabric from my dress to finish the brides and paint on both Mr. Poodles.

If you don't remember, our idea for the cake topper was for the bride to be up on the top of the cake holding a rope, while Mr. Poodle climbs on the side, now without further does, the pics!

caketopper1 [ Bride close up ]

caketopper2 [ Both of us! ]

caketopper3 [ I loved the bride’s dress :) ]

and for one of our tables, I made other little people that hold a “Thank you for coming” sign

caketopper5 [ I say CUTE! ]

I loved the way they end up looking and the paining Tammy (MIL’s Friend) made for us!
Now to see them in action you will have to wait for our recaps, but I think you get our idea just with this pictures :) I am so glad I ask for help because She is so talented and we end up looking adorable!

Are you asking for help to family members? how was that experience?

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