April 22, 2010

Poodle Projects: Welcoming our guest

My first idea for the sign on the main road to the Ranch, was kind of different to what we end up doing, the idea was to have us holding balloons so our guest could see the road from far away but also little Poodle balloons directing to where they should go.

Actually not doing the dog shape balloons attached to the ground was more of a relieve than a sad feeling, in fact I liked the final sign way better than my original idea :)

For this project I had help all the way from Switzerland from my favorite cousin Hector! He wanted to help me in some way, so I ask him to draw Mr. Poodle and I for our Save the Dates, but due to bad timing we end up not being able to do the sketch and doing just a picture of our legal ceremony.

Anyways, he did started the drawing and showed it to me on the web-cam, here's a screen-shot of him showing me the first stage of the sketch.

[ So cute! ]

[ Close up! ]

and he send me the file almost done, I though then I could use it for the SIGN! I just needed to change my arm to hold the balloons! so I draw it on a BIG piece of plywood ( Because I wanted them to be real-size)

After that FIL cut the edges for me and I started painting

Since the jigsaw left stains on the white plywood I re painted all of it

Pick my Black paint and started the real painting =)

This was a fairly easy project and I TOTALLY loved the final result, My cousin did such an awesome job with our faces, I think Mr. Poodle looks SO MUCH like him <3

And here you can see it on the trial run!

At first I was kind of afraid the project was going to be too time consuming, because I did finish it only a few days before the wedding but it end up being very a lot more simple and less time consuming tan what I expected.

Did you get surprised about the complexity of projects after finish them? In a good or bad way?

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  1. that's awesome. i love it. you do such amazing work.


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