May 23, 2010

Handmade Amor: A teaser!!

Now that you have seen most of the projects from the weeks before the wedding, I think is time for for me to share a teaser!!









jklw_28 { Can you notice the little Poodle on my bracelet? ♥ }


I have to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED all the pictures our awesome photographer posted on their teaser, and I cant wait to have them all, so I can start with my recaps. Every time I look at this pictures I get such a big smile on my face! and I think it’s pretty obvious when I’m looking at them because Mr. Poodle always ask me “Are you looking at the pictures again?” :)

The day of the wedding the weather didn't cooperate much and it was very very windy and cold, the week before the wedding it was sunny and awesome. So we plan to have the reception outside too, but we had to move everything inside the barn the day of the wedding, that added a lot of stress. But once again all of our friends and family helped and everything end up perfect, I know we envision how everything looked outside and I was very excited about it, but once we saw how much fun everyone was having, we forgot about it and just enjoy the day.  So now, looking back I would not change a thing :)

I am so excited to start sharing all the details and moments of this day because I get to relive everything myself, it was the happiest day of our lives so far, and we had SO MUCH FUN!


*All images by the Amazing Next Exit Photography!

May 16, 2010

What did Mrs. Poodle did the days before the wedding?

Not just sewing, painting, cutting, hot-gluing and assembling, She also did this:


I baked! Tons and tons of cupcakes, cake-balls and mini cupcakes, to be exact:

  • 350 cake-balls
  • 250 cupcakes
  • 220 mini cupcakes

I know, sounds crazy! but after reading Mrs. Sprinkle adventures baking her own vegan cupcakes, I though it could actually be fun! So i talked to her and she gave me a few thoughts about when to make them, I was ready! and even though a little intimidated by the idea. I proceed to plan and BAKE! I LOVE baking! :)

I made different flavor cake-balls and dip them on different color candy melt.


I made:

  • Brownie with cheesecake frosting balls covered in white candy melt
  • Vanilla cake with Pecan frosting covered in green candy melt
  • Strawberry cake with fresh berries and strawberry frosting in purple candy melt
  • White cake with cheesecake frosting, pieces of Reese's and chocolate chips in brown melt


For all the Chocolate cupcakes I added pieces of Reese's on the bottom, Mr Poodle LOVES them!


For the top of the cupcakes I bought button molds at and made different color buttons :)


I got a lot fo help from my bridesmaids and groomsman, here the proof:


Yes they baked too :) and while we waited for things to be ready all the rest worked on different things


My mom helped me arranging all the napkins and getting everything ready so Mr. Poodle’s aunt (Who volunteer to be in charge of the dessert buffet) would have it easier. I marked all the containers and made signs for everything, that way she knew where everything was.



I planned for each guest to have about 5 sweets, between the cupcakes, mini cupcakes and cake-balls and since I made this sign:


and hang this bags with each guest name:


with this cute hand painted pins:



I thought it was going to be enough, but I guess the bags were too big and some people fill their bags and carried some to their table, so my math went out of the window and by the time we did our main entrance there was no more sweets!

I am happy there was no left over at all, but I regret not making more. But you never know if you will have enough, in Mrs. Sprinkles case, she had left over, so I was hoping for the same, but she didn't offer bags, so that might have being my problem.

I loved the dessert buffet and the fact that all of our guest did too! I know making your own dessert buffet is not for all brides, because there’s a lot of stress involved but I had so much fun making them and Mr. Poodle loved to be my tester, even though we didn't get to pick what we wanted to eat that day, my Mom saved us so we could  try them. But since we did try EVERYTHING while I was making them I  rather her to have them all :)

Are you thinking on baking your own cupcakes, or cake? or already bake them? want to share your experience?

May 14, 2010

Poodle Projects: Could you just FINISH that dress?

… That was what everyone told me the week before the wedding--- yeah! I knew, I needed to finish my dress :)

As I shared before, because of my little boobilicious problem, I decided to tear my dress apart and make it a little more comfortable. After all I was planning on dancing until sunrise :)


This is how my dress look like for a week!

Yeah, that’s just the bottom! I cut the top part and higher the waits cut, so that way I could actually breath! and just with that little change I feel so much comfortable!


I added some more crochet to the top and the bottom edge so my boobs could be a little bit more cover :)


And I was ready for my final fitting! For this I was not wearing the underskirts because it was under cleaning process.


It was also time to decide what kind of sash I was going to wear, because I love sashes! I tried the tied on the front, with long and short ends, but it just didn't look right to me.


I liked the idea of having a simple sash and maybe a flower :)


Even though the main problem was solve my two friends were still kind of exposed, but I decided I was just going to alter the bra a little bit so it fit them better.


And while I was all excited trying my wedding dress, Curly was passed out on the floor! and I though he was going to be excited to see his Mom getting ready for the wedding hehe.

For the sash I decided to make a Velcro on the ends kind, and cover it with a satin flower


I found a vintage button with little shines! it was the perfect accent for my sash! :) Thanks to Mr. Poodle’s aunt that give me a huge jar with TONS of buttons.


So it took me longer than i though to finally finish my dress, but it was better because that way I made sure it fit me comfortable :)

How long before your wedding you had your last fitting?

May 13, 2010

Poodle Projects: A little keepsake of the day

While brainstorming with FIL about what we should do with the top of the door on our outdoor chapel, he came up with the idea of hanging one of the windows right above the French doors, I loved the idea!! he suggested that maybe we can paint the window and keep it on my office as a keepsake of the day!! He really got me with that one!

I asked one of MIL’s friend that is a great glass artist to paint it for me and she was very very happy to help us, but sadly she got really sick so I came up with a backup plan and I made a template and painted our window with MARKERS! :)

painted window

I know it’s not very lasting, because we tested the markers on a piece of glass, and after 2 days with direct contact with the sun it fades to the pint you never new it was there.

So We decided we were going to hang it just a few hours before the wedding and cover it with a protective layer.

And to make it I printed a template and place it behind the window (After it was done I realize I should have printed the template backwards and painted on the inside) – You live, you learn!


I tried to mark the letters as detail as possible but the template was not against the glass so from the sides it look like I was not accurate at all, but from the front view it looked good


Slowly moved to all the rest


Mr. Poodle snapped a picture of me taking the template off (Kind of foggy lol)


And here it is!


Some details:



I love the way it ended up looking! Now for the purpose of having it on my Office we have to send it in and MIL’s friend will re-paint on the back with real glass paint, so it will last longer :)

Are you making something as a keepsake of your wedding day? What to share?

May 11, 2010

Poodle Projects: Boutonnieres and Brooches

As I shared earlier on our planning, I had a hard time with boutonnieres because Mr. Poodle didn't wanted flowers at all ( That was what he told me over the phone)

So I researched for inspiration and found some cute clover ideas (He asked me to incorporate clovers on our wedding in honor to his Irish background), after just a little I was sold with the idea of making fabric clovers for the guys, I got all my supplies and before I got to work I told Mr. Poodle how hard it was to get inspiration that didn't have any flowers. He laugh and told me he was just kidding and he would wear whatever I wanted! -- What? Umm, Yeah I guess it was harder for me to figure when he was teasing me over the phone :)


So here it is: The Poodles non floral boutonnieres :) To make them I got green satin fabric, a few sticks and some tiny pinecones one of MIL’s friend found while walking around the lake.


I folded the fabric an made all of the clovers hot gluing them together


after that i attached the little sticks and mini pine cones


I added a piece of green felt and a brooch pin to the back so it was going to be easier for them to put it on


for presentation I printed on Kraft paper that I cut to the proper size, folded and glue together with a little message for each one of our family members.


and TA-DA! the boutonnieres were ready to be handed at our rehearsal dinner, I put a little ribbon on the top so they could hang it with their shirts :)


I also made flower brooches for all the ladies, I used left over from my purple satin bolero and purple tulle from my dress, added some lavender beads and a piece of felt with the brooch pin.


I also printed a sheet for them and punched the bottom =) just to make it more girly!


Here all of them ready on a basket! I made 10 of each :)


I was very happy because the purple flowers matched everyone's outfit so good, I was a little worried at first because I didn't know the colors they were wearing, so maybe purple would have not look good for some and I really wanted them to wear it, but Everyone LOVED their flowers and boutonniere! YAY

Are you considering non floral boutonnieres? what are your choices?

Poodle Projects: Bridesmaids dresses!

When I was still in Chile I finish 2 (MOH and sister) of the 4 dresses for the bridesmaids, so with half the work done I didn't feel so pressure with this particular task, but with only 2 weeks until the wedding I realize I should have started way earlier!!

At this time I wasn't even done with my wedding dress transformation and I was starting to worry :( So I call my bridesmaids so we could do a super fast dress making session).

I started drawing patterns for the 2 different tops, and try them on my girls. and after their approval I cut the fabric and started the assembling =)

dress1Poodle-maid Candy’s Dress

dress3 Poodle-maid Kim’s Dress


I liked the fact that every dress is different but at the same time it woudl have being easier to sew the same dress 4 times, ohh well!

As you can see I was not very happy finishing, I only wanted the dress to be done! hehe


So I made flowers for every girl to either put on their sashes or on the dress. And the last two decided they wanted them on their dresses =)



Here’s the dress all done and Momma Poodle helping Candy get ready!


And here’s Poodle-maid Kim all ready on hers, for the flower girl i decided to just buy a Target white dress and add a Purple tutu with a sash and a big flower. So much easier on me!


So there you go, with a lot of pain but I finally finish them all!, and if i had to do all over again I would have done the dresses as soon as I could, and not left that task for the last minute, but I would have not change the fact that everyone was different, I loved that!

Are you having mismatch dresses for your bridesmaids?

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