May 16, 2010

What did Mrs. Poodle did the days before the wedding?

Not just sewing, painting, cutting, hot-gluing and assembling, She also did this:


I baked! Tons and tons of cupcakes, cake-balls and mini cupcakes, to be exact:

  • 350 cake-balls
  • 250 cupcakes
  • 220 mini cupcakes

I know, sounds crazy! but after reading Mrs. Sprinkle adventures baking her own vegan cupcakes, I though it could actually be fun! So i talked to her and she gave me a few thoughts about when to make them, I was ready! and even though a little intimidated by the idea. I proceed to plan and BAKE! I LOVE baking! :)

I made different flavor cake-balls and dip them on different color candy melt.


I made:

  • Brownie with cheesecake frosting balls covered in white candy melt
  • Vanilla cake with Pecan frosting covered in green candy melt
  • Strawberry cake with fresh berries and strawberry frosting in purple candy melt
  • White cake with cheesecake frosting, pieces of Reese's and chocolate chips in brown melt


For all the Chocolate cupcakes I added pieces of Reese's on the bottom, Mr Poodle LOVES them!


For the top of the cupcakes I bought button molds at and made different color buttons :)


I got a lot fo help from my bridesmaids and groomsman, here the proof:


Yes they baked too :) and while we waited for things to be ready all the rest worked on different things


My mom helped me arranging all the napkins and getting everything ready so Mr. Poodle’s aunt (Who volunteer to be in charge of the dessert buffet) would have it easier. I marked all the containers and made signs for everything, that way she knew where everything was.



I planned for each guest to have about 5 sweets, between the cupcakes, mini cupcakes and cake-balls and since I made this sign:


and hang this bags with each guest name:


with this cute hand painted pins:



I thought it was going to be enough, but I guess the bags were too big and some people fill their bags and carried some to their table, so my math went out of the window and by the time we did our main entrance there was no more sweets!

I am happy there was no left over at all, but I regret not making more. But you never know if you will have enough, in Mrs. Sprinkles case, she had left over, so I was hoping for the same, but she didn't offer bags, so that might have being my problem.

I loved the dessert buffet and the fact that all of our guest did too! I know making your own dessert buffet is not for all brides, because there’s a lot of stress involved but I had so much fun making them and Mr. Poodle loved to be my tester, even though we didn't get to pick what we wanted to eat that day, my Mom saved us so we could  try them. But since we did try EVERYTHING while I was making them I  rather her to have them all :)

Are you thinking on baking your own cupcakes, or cake? or already bake them? want to share your experience?

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