May 23, 2010

Handmade Amor: A teaser!!

Now that you have seen most of the projects from the weeks before the wedding, I think is time for for me to share a teaser!!









jklw_28 { Can you notice the little Poodle on my bracelet? ♥ }


I have to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED all the pictures our awesome photographer posted on their teaser, and I cant wait to have them all, so I can start with my recaps. Every time I look at this pictures I get such a big smile on my face! and I think it’s pretty obvious when I’m looking at them because Mr. Poodle always ask me “Are you looking at the pictures again?” :)

The day of the wedding the weather didn't cooperate much and it was very very windy and cold, the week before the wedding it was sunny and awesome. So we plan to have the reception outside too, but we had to move everything inside the barn the day of the wedding, that added a lot of stress. But once again all of our friends and family helped and everything end up perfect, I know we envision how everything looked outside and I was very excited about it, but once we saw how much fun everyone was having, we forgot about it and just enjoy the day.  So now, looking back I would not change a thing :)

I am so excited to start sharing all the details and moments of this day because I get to relive everything myself, it was the happiest day of our lives so far, and we had SO MUCH FUN!


*All images by the Amazing Next Exit Photography!


  1. How beautiful! Everyone looks so happy...I love your wedding already!

  2. I don't even know how i stumbled upon this blog and these AMAZING pictures but I'd like to say that your vision is just beautiful! The colours you have chosen for your wedding - the purple of the ladies, the green on the guys - it's not something i could ever have thought would look good together and i was right. It doesn't look good, it looks incredible! I'm in awe and i have bookmarked this so i can come back and see your other photos.
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for the story of your day as well.
    I'm a little stressed about my day coming up as i've done a few things people don't approved of. My main aim is to have fun and i want everyone else to have fun too and not worry about the colour of our dresses, etc. etc. but i do stress deep down that people will judge me on the day and not have fun.
    You made me realise that having fun IS the main point of the day. Making it OUR day to share with them, not THEIR day to share with us.
    Thank you again and i'll leave this essay here now:)


  3. I adore your blog posts on the bee. And I jsut wanted to say your wedding pictures are lovely. My boyfriend has been having me show them to everyone as our 'inspiration' pictures even thoughwe arent engaged yet :)

  4. Wow! Beautiful photos. I can't wait to see more. I love the ceremony area. Did you build all that by hand? That's amazing!


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