June 23, 2010

Post Wedding Chop: For Curly and me!!

This past weekend I finally got my Post Wedding Chop! Since it was Mr Poodle's graduation, and SIL came for the celebration, I asked her to give me the cut we had talk about ever since Easter. She is a teacher now at her Cosmetology school, so I really trusted her to do this job!

{ MIL, FIL, Mr. Poodle,  BIL, Me and SIL after Mr Poodle's graduation}

I haven't cut my hair as short as I decided to go for more than 4 years, so it was a very extreme decision for  me, but I really wanted to donate my hair to Locks of Love, I read about it the first time I cut my hair, but since I was in Chile I just gave it to the salon I had my cut, after it was done and read carefully I realized I could have save it and donate it later, so donation was my goal when I started to grow my hair again :)

So now let me show you what happen that afternoon!

We wanted to be completely sure the hair was clean so I wash it again right before the haircut, SIL  then proceed to measure and put my hair in a ponytail.

then with butterflies in my stomach she started to cut! and well you can see her face I do have TONS of hair!

... and my hair was gone! 

So now the before and after:

I cant believe how light my head feels and it's perfect for the summer!

And in Curly's case we decided to give him a full haircut because he was looking like this:

3 weeks a go, Curly went outside before we went to bed, like every other day, but this time there was a Coyote waiting for him, so he got hurt really bad, luckily Mr. Poodle heard the struggling outside, because the coyote got Curly in a way he could not make a sound. We ran outside and the Coyote ran away, we rush to the Vet and they did surgery closed everything and put drain tubes on his neck, chest, and both sides. it took about a week for him to be pain free and able to sleep normally. But now he's soo much better, since we wanted to leave that incident behind, we decide to cut all of his hair and even him out.

So this is Curly's before and after!

He looks really skinny, and even though I do like his long hair better, I just picture him saying the same thing to me, so we are even hehe.

Did anyone else gave your pet a PWC too?

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  1. I'm still waiting for your's recaps. Why is it taking soooooooooooooo long? ;~


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