May 31, 2009

029 - How cute is this!!

I found this paper cut Illustrations form Designer Yulia Brodskaya (Link) on the SeeSaw blog (Link) and I think there are awesome!!

{ Image Source (Link) }

Just imagine how cute some save the date's could look, ( well that's if you have a very limited number of guest)

Now, in my case and because I have some recycled left over purple and green paper, I want to make a sign!! Well not exactly a sign but a heart with our names, just like a monogram but on a frame. I thought it could look cute on our guest book table? and after the wedding we could hang it on the house, I think it could look really cute!

And as always, I couldn't wait and I started drawing minutes after I saw this pictures. This is the first attempt for the sign. You know, I can't wait until I have my camera back, so I can take real pictures, not the ones I've been uploading from my phone.

There, after drawing the outside, I started playing with the lines that I'll be using as guides for the real thing. As you can see this is just the guide for my first attempt so stay tuned to see how this next project ends up :)

So do you go crazy over ideas you found on the web and start working ASAP too?

May 30, 2009

028 - Hair Flower Story

I love hair flowers. but I never had an excuse to wear one until I started planning the wedding :) I've been dreaming about having a cute hair flower since I was like 15 years old, along with making my dress hehe.

My first option was a clay hair flower. Because I'm in love with clay ever since I started making the flowers for my bouquet (Link)

But I wanted a rose, so I stated playing and made my hair clay flower trial!! it was so much fun, I love clay soo much!

Don't pay attention to the wires, I had them there to make the holes and attach the hair pins later. That's my lil sister helping me to see how it look on real hair hehe

Even tho I liked the way it look I'm seriusly worried about how dangerous for Mr. Poodle this can be - I'm SO good stabbing him on the eye with whatever I have on my hair, that for I started looking for other (more friendly to him) options:

I really loved the Idea of making a rose, because I'm using roses on my bouquet, I thought this ones where sooo cute made by Etsy seller allorahandmade.

Then I saw how cute the idea having a flower made of recycled fabric like this ones offered by Etsy seller Cultivar.

Then I run into Etsy seller myrakim, ooh my! I loved her hair flowers mixed with feathers. ( I hearts feathers now :) )

Form the same seller I saw this awesome turquoise option that made me think about having a purple hair flower.

Because I have purple fabric in house I tried to simulate a flower to see how the purple would look on my hair; really fast I went back to wanting a white flower again, my hair is too dark and I feel like the purple kinds of blends there, there's definitely not enough contrast.

Remember the awesome Organza Embellishment tutorial by our loved Miss Piglet? Yeah! that was exactly what came to my mind after looking at this purple flower.

On the search for more white flowers options I found this! I love having different layers on different fabrics, from Etsy seller HARTfeltart. So cute!

And I even found the perfect tutorial on the Martha Stewart Wedding page, it even has templates to cut the pedals, yay!

So my story for the search of the perfect hair flower will be continued...

Do you have a project you have done, and then after you finish decide not to use?

May 29, 2009

027 - Our Music

The first video is the "Bendita tu luz" song by Mana & Juan Luis Guerra. Actually the first time I heard this song was while I was on the subway on my way to work. Probably a month after I got back from California May 2006, I was so sad cause I really missed him, so when they played this song tears roll down my face, it was so US! On the lyric he talks about how blessed he feels because destiny put him on that road, and he thanks the clock that made him be there at the same time, and thanks God because they met. It kind of describe how we met.

Just in case you don't know... This is the quick story: I was hitchhiking with some friends to the sky resort, when Mr.K stopped and gave us(the two girls)a ride there. My friend didn't speak much English, so she made me sit next to him. I was kind of nervous cause I thought he was very cute. We talk, and talk so after I was all calm I did look at his finger to see if he had an owner lol.

I couldn't help it, I was always trying to see if he was around at work, I did try to convince myself that there was not much of a chance with him, cause I was going to leave in a few months, but I guess that's how it works, when you least expect, you just fall in love; and when that happens nothing matters, there is no distance, no language barrier or different hair color lol. Just LOVE!

The second song is "Steady as we go" by Dave Matthews Band, this song was the one that my love wants in our wedding, now I loved it!

026 - Anthropologie love ♥

As some of you have notice I really like Anthropologie Store, their windows and displays always inspire me!

I got to Ruthi's blog following the displays she creates for Anthropologie. this are some of my favorites pictures:

She does an amazing job! and one of her projects that really caught my eye was this paper wysteria tree (Link)

Image Source (Link)

She was recently featured on Once Wed because of it.

I'm so in love with that tree!! I can totally imagine us getting marry under a tree like that one, plus we could put it on our bedroom afterwords. So I show all of my friends this beautiful tree. And actually one of them told me about how her mom had a gazillion purple tissue paper cause she used to wrap things that she sold with it. By now they were pretty much left overs hidden on her house. A huge smile grew on my face!! yess!! I had all the paper I wanted and (again) recycled!!! I can´t wait until I can start on those.

May 28, 2009

025 - Ballons.... take me there!

{ Image Source (Link) }

Ever since I saw this wedding sign (Link) at my favorite wedding featured on OnceWed I've been thinking about different and cute ways to help our guest to not miss the road to the ranch.

{ Image Source (Link) }

I started thinking about having a different kind of sign on the intersection of the main road and the road that leads to the ranch, not just the normal wedding pointing kind of sign, because at the normal speed they could totally miss it.

The couple I was referring talked about how they incorporated balloons to their sign. I thought that was sooo cute, but of course I don't want to do the exact same thing. So I started thinking about how could I do it, cause we do need some eye-catching sing, so can be able to see it form far away.

I saw the perfect inspiration on Anthropologie's window, as always!!

{ Image Source (Link) }

{ Image Source (Link) }

Now with those two photos you are going to have more than enough of a hint, of what is going on in my head, so you will not be surprise by the final idea, bummer!! but its ok, I'm so glad I can show you all!!

What are your wedding sign ideas?

May 27, 2009

024 - Eco silk Bags

As always I was researching over eco-friendly stuff and even tho I'm not getting this, I thought I should share them cause there are so cute, you can personalize them, they come in lots of gorgeous colors, plus there are 100% recycled, keep on GOING GREEN!! If you want on just visit EcoSilk Bags (Link)

Image Source (Link)

May 26, 2009

023 - I found my perfect wedding dress!

Image Source (Link)

No, I was just kidding! But I really think this is breath-taking. Anthropologie always has the best windows ever!!
I'm guessing kind of uncomfortable if you want to go dance with a rustic flavor lol, yeah! definitely using some other accessories to go with the theme.

May 25, 2009

022 - Tree Branch Chandelier

This is one of the latest things I've seen that I thought I should share with you, Maybe I'll end up doing that in the future for our home, but not for the wedding (well I don't think so, but anything can happen)

So if you feel like you want to experiment with branches and light here's your chance (link) the description tutorial to make it, and ladies don't be scare of using big hardware tools they can become your new best friends!

May 24, 2009

021 - Eco-Lamp: Why is so hard to find you?

I've seen some window store's inspiration pictures from Anthropologie that I HAVE to show you all, there are so cute and inspiring...

{ Image Source (Link) }

{ Image Source (Link) }

{ Image Source (Link) }

Now lets get close for just a lil bit, this is what I call "texture paper heaven"

{ Image Source (Link) }

{ Image Source (Link) }

Ok, lets go back to where I wanted to take you, this next picture! OMG! the first time I saw it, that cute little thing blow my mind, I soo wanted something like that at our wedding, I like this idea so much better than the paper balls laterns now :) - Yes! that's the way I am, fell in love each time I found another idea, I just hope I'm not hurting paper ball latern's feelings :(

{ Image Source (Link) }

I'm loving that lamp! So I had to give it a try and find a way to do my own ( and replace my paper balloon lamp idea for this one)

I draw a little sketch of how you have to fold your paper. In order to make it stay in the number 3 shape a put a tiny piece of double tape in the middle and another one at the end.

This is NOT how the finished lamp is going to look, this is 1/3 of the total cones the real lamp needs. (around 150 doing some math after this trial) With more cones the lamp could be a lot more dense and soft, besides I think my cones were too large.

I made this one with some printed on one side paper, I was saving for recycling. I run out of it, that's why I didn't have the actual number to make the trial lamp, but I'm saving again...

I know it doesn't look very cute, but it's juts the start =)

Have you found yourself drooling over lamps? want to share them?

020 - Making the DRESS!

This is me!, working hard on the dress of my dreams :) ohhh yeah! and just if you don't already know, the best part about my dress is that I'm making it with recycled fabric, basing my inspiration on Designer Monique Lhuillier's Swan Lake - (For the bottom).

I'll be also making the crinoline and undergarment - the best part? So far Its costing me just $75 American Dollars, Isn't that great!!?? - (Yes!! for everything) and I already bought all the fabric and accessories I'll be using.

You might be wondering - What kind of fabric cost that much? yes is really cheap - some are great leftover I had from previous projects, but all the fabric I bought was from a store that went broke, so they had a huge sale! I bought 40 metros of tulle at $12.000 Chilean pesos - That's about 131.2 feet of tulle for $24.00 dollars :O wow! - cheap! - Happily I run into this sale right after I decided to go with a puffy bottom - about 6 months a go lol

So I'm officially done with the bottom part - Ok still lots of layers left - but the base part is done, that's what I'm showing here, so don't pay attention at the corse I'm using. I covered the part that is not important with a black&white strip just so you'll know. The rest will be coming soon!!

{ I'm terrible at surprise pictures! }
And I remember I was listing all the thing I had left to do that day :)

Don't pay attention to the COLORFUL corse, It was the only one I had close that had "dress shape" - kind of :) I know it's hard to imagine the finish dress now, but stay tuned! It's coming!

May 21, 2009

019 - Invitation eco fiendly and CUTE!

While I was researching for eco-friendly invites today I found this Invites on the Baron Cards webpage (Link) and this green ones (Link) I think they are a cute color inspiration, despite the fact that I already designed ours, but because I'm redesigning the official wedding website, why not redesign everything? I know, I know!! Im doing it again... But I'll guarantee will be better :)

Here the pictures so you can enjoy them.

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