May 14, 2009

015 - Choosing how to say Gracias

This is one of my favorite pictures of us, from Mr. Poodle's last visit to Chile. We where in "Cerro San Cristóbal" Santiago. BUT I hate the way my arm looks holding the camera - can you see that bump on my forehead? - yup NOT pretty! and well I don't like the way my hair looks there.

Well yeah I like lots of things about this picture, but when it comes to me, I hated it! So what better way to fix everything I don't like than drawing a NEW picture.

{ December 2008}

Using the upper image as my base, I illustrated us first drawing and then using Adobe Illustrator, at first I did this just because I wanted to send Mr. Poodle a cool gift. So I used his favorite color as background and printed a poster that I sent to him later.

Then I started playing with this vector and thought that it could be cool to use it for our wedding website :) and while doing that I thought that maybe we could use it as a thank you card so that way I can feel that I didn't spend all that time drawing that just for Mr. Poodle's poster :)

{ Closer look of the illustration }

I started playing around and made a texture for the background and the I wanted to have a little bit of a sewed look, this is the end result after a lil playing session.

I know I have plenty of time still, I could even wait until after the wedding to start thinking about having thank you cards, but I thought it could be good to have some now because I that way I could take advantage of the sales from printing shops and use those discounts that are not "always" available.

I thought maybe I could use those thank you cards for a shower or some pre-wedding event.

So what you think hive:

Should I use this and take advantage of the sales to have them really cheap?
Should I wait until after the wedding and make other cards with our wedding photos?

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