May 24, 2009

021 - Eco-Lamp: Why is so hard to find you?

I've seen some window store's inspiration pictures from Anthropologie that I HAVE to show you all, there are so cute and inspiring...

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Now lets get close for just a lil bit, this is what I call "texture paper heaven"

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Ok, lets go back to where I wanted to take you, this next picture! OMG! the first time I saw it, that cute little thing blow my mind, I soo wanted something like that at our wedding, I like this idea so much better than the paper balls laterns now :) - Yes! that's the way I am, fell in love each time I found another idea, I just hope I'm not hurting paper ball latern's feelings :(

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I'm loving that lamp! So I had to give it a try and find a way to do my own ( and replace my paper balloon lamp idea for this one)

I draw a little sketch of how you have to fold your paper. In order to make it stay in the number 3 shape a put a tiny piece of double tape in the middle and another one at the end.

This is NOT how the finished lamp is going to look, this is 1/3 of the total cones the real lamp needs. (around 150 doing some math after this trial) With more cones the lamp could be a lot more dense and soft, besides I think my cones were too large.

I made this one with some printed on one side paper, I was saving for recycling. I run out of it, that's why I didn't have the actual number to make the trial lamp, but I'm saving again...

I know it doesn't look very cute, but it's juts the start =)

Have you found yourself drooling over lamps? want to share them?

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