May 16, 2009

016 - Patagonia on my finger

Last December we made a trip to one of the more wonderful places in my country, PATAGONIA!! (woo hoo)

{ French Valley - Torres del Paine }

It was an amazing trip, we hiked as much as we could in the days we spent on the park. And on our way back from highest to see the actual "Torres del Paine" we found this very old tree - dead and laying on the ground with small pieces all around. I thought to myself - yeahh! carving material!- (I really like to make figures out of wood) so I picked two small pieces thinking about carving something special so Mr. Poodle and I could have one each, and with that remember how awesome this trip was.

{ My OMG I'm tired, please no more pictures face lol }

{ On our hike back to camp - Torres del Paine }

Here I am with one pieces of wood I had just picked up on my hand, the other one was inside my jacket. In my face you can see that I was all sore, cause of a twisted ankle and tired ohhh so much, using my love's clothes cause mines were all wet.

Recently Mr.K talked to me about having different kinds of rings for our wedding and once he said "wood" - bang! those, forgotten under my bed, pieces of wood pop to my mind and voila -> the idea!!

My very best friend and MOH, who happened to be an Industrial Designer too, has her own lil handmade jewelery line (Link). I told her about the idea of designing and making (Just in my case the "making" applies, cause she's here in Chile, plus I'm only making his ring not mine :P) and even though she has never worked with wood before, she was so excited about making them!!

MOH and Mr. Poodle have being E-mailing back and forth and none of them let me know anything about their plan, but it's ok!

Now for Mr. Poodle, I started looking for ideas that mixed wood and metal for wedding bands, here the two I liked the most.

{ Image Source (Link) }

{ Image Source (Link) }

But I was thinking on that I would like it better if the wood were only on the exterior so that way MOH can engrave the ring without any problems. I also want to eliminate the "dots" on the sides (that's how the ring holds the wood in this kind of ring)

What you think girls? Should I go with the softer edges or the hard edges for the ring? Idk if the first one looks too girly? witch would you like if you were a male Poodle hehe?

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