May 28, 2009

025 - Ballons.... take me there!

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Ever since I saw this wedding sign (Link) at my favorite wedding featured on OnceWed I've been thinking about different and cute ways to help our guest to not miss the road to the ranch.

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I started thinking about having a different kind of sign on the intersection of the main road and the road that leads to the ranch, not just the normal wedding pointing kind of sign, because at the normal speed they could totally miss it.

The couple I was referring talked about how they incorporated balloons to their sign. I thought that was sooo cute, but of course I don't want to do the exact same thing. So I started thinking about how could I do it, cause we do need some eye-catching sing, so can be able to see it form far away.

I saw the perfect inspiration on Anthropologie's window, as always!!

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Now with those two photos you are going to have more than enough of a hint, of what is going on in my head, so you will not be surprise by the final idea, bummer!! but its ok, I'm so glad I can show you all!!

What are your wedding sign ideas?

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