May 29, 2009

027 - Our Music

The first video is the "Bendita tu luz" song by Mana & Juan Luis Guerra. Actually the first time I heard this song was while I was on the subway on my way to work. Probably a month after I got back from California May 2006, I was so sad cause I really missed him, so when they played this song tears roll down my face, it was so US! On the lyric he talks about how blessed he feels because destiny put him on that road, and he thanks the clock that made him be there at the same time, and thanks God because they met. It kind of describe how we met.

Just in case you don't know... This is the quick story: I was hitchhiking with some friends to the sky resort, when Mr.K stopped and gave us(the two girls)a ride there. My friend didn't speak much English, so she made me sit next to him. I was kind of nervous cause I thought he was very cute. We talk, and talk so after I was all calm I did look at his finger to see if he had an owner lol.

I couldn't help it, I was always trying to see if he was around at work, I did try to convince myself that there was not much of a chance with him, cause I was going to leave in a few months, but I guess that's how it works, when you least expect, you just fall in love; and when that happens nothing matters, there is no distance, no language barrier or different hair color lol. Just LOVE!

The second song is "Steady as we go" by Dave Matthews Band, this song was the one that my love wants in our wedding, now I loved it!

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