May 29, 2009

026 - Anthropologie love ♥

As some of you have notice I really like Anthropologie Store, their windows and displays always inspire me!

I got to Ruthi's blog following the displays she creates for Anthropologie. this are some of my favorites pictures:

She does an amazing job! and one of her projects that really caught my eye was this paper wysteria tree (Link)

Image Source (Link)

She was recently featured on Once Wed because of it.

I'm so in love with that tree!! I can totally imagine us getting marry under a tree like that one, plus we could put it on our bedroom afterwords. So I show all of my friends this beautiful tree. And actually one of them told me about how her mom had a gazillion purple tissue paper cause she used to wrap things that she sold with it. By now they were pretty much left overs hidden on her house. A huge smile grew on my face!! yess!! I had all the paper I wanted and (again) recycled!!! I can´t wait until I can start on those.


  1. I love this tree too and really want to use it for my wedding - when you figure out how to create it do you think you could add some instructions? I have been looking everywhere.

  2. Don't worry!! as soon as I do a bigger tial I'll take pictures and share my process :)

  3. Thank you so much - I can't wait. I love your blog by the way so keep posting :)


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