May 24, 2009

020 - Making the DRESS!

This is me!, working hard on the dress of my dreams :) ohhh yeah! and just if you don't already know, the best part about my dress is that I'm making it with recycled fabric, basing my inspiration on Designer Monique Lhuillier's Swan Lake - (For the bottom).

I'll be also making the crinoline and undergarment - the best part? So far Its costing me just $75 American Dollars, Isn't that great!!?? - (Yes!! for everything) and I already bought all the fabric and accessories I'll be using.

You might be wondering - What kind of fabric cost that much? yes is really cheap - some are great leftover I had from previous projects, but all the fabric I bought was from a store that went broke, so they had a huge sale! I bought 40 metros of tulle at $12.000 Chilean pesos - That's about 131.2 feet of tulle for $24.00 dollars :O wow! - cheap! - Happily I run into this sale right after I decided to go with a puffy bottom - about 6 months a go lol

So I'm officially done with the bottom part - Ok still lots of layers left - but the base part is done, that's what I'm showing here, so don't pay attention at the corse I'm using. I covered the part that is not important with a black&white strip just so you'll know. The rest will be coming soon!!

{ I'm terrible at surprise pictures! }
And I remember I was listing all the thing I had left to do that day :)

Don't pay attention to the COLORFUL corse, It was the only one I had close that had "dress shape" - kind of :) I know it's hard to imagine the finish dress now, but stay tuned! It's coming!


  1. Wow...that is amazing that you're making your own dress! What an incredible heirloom too...

  2. ay.... la tecnologia me pillo.. .que emocion..te felicito ...ay que felicidad... pucha la lesera que lata que te cases tan lejos..pero por ultimo manda fotos!!! ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy te felicitoo!!! besooos y bendiciones en tu nueva vida!!!
    solange montt


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