May 30, 2009

028 - Hair Flower Story

I love hair flowers. but I never had an excuse to wear one until I started planning the wedding :) I've been dreaming about having a cute hair flower since I was like 15 years old, along with making my dress hehe.

My first option was a clay hair flower. Because I'm in love with clay ever since I started making the flowers for my bouquet (Link)

But I wanted a rose, so I stated playing and made my hair clay flower trial!! it was so much fun, I love clay soo much!

Don't pay attention to the wires, I had them there to make the holes and attach the hair pins later. That's my lil sister helping me to see how it look on real hair hehe

Even tho I liked the way it look I'm seriusly worried about how dangerous for Mr. Poodle this can be - I'm SO good stabbing him on the eye with whatever I have on my hair, that for I started looking for other (more friendly to him) options:

I really loved the Idea of making a rose, because I'm using roses on my bouquet, I thought this ones where sooo cute made by Etsy seller allorahandmade.

Then I saw how cute the idea having a flower made of recycled fabric like this ones offered by Etsy seller Cultivar.

Then I run into Etsy seller myrakim, ooh my! I loved her hair flowers mixed with feathers. ( I hearts feathers now :) )

Form the same seller I saw this awesome turquoise option that made me think about having a purple hair flower.

Because I have purple fabric in house I tried to simulate a flower to see how the purple would look on my hair; really fast I went back to wanting a white flower again, my hair is too dark and I feel like the purple kinds of blends there, there's definitely not enough contrast.

Remember the awesome Organza Embellishment tutorial by our loved Miss Piglet? Yeah! that was exactly what came to my mind after looking at this purple flower.

On the search for more white flowers options I found this! I love having different layers on different fabrics, from Etsy seller HARTfeltart. So cute!

And I even found the perfect tutorial on the Martha Stewart Wedding page, it even has templates to cut the pedals, yay!

So my story for the search of the perfect hair flower will be continued...

Do you have a project you have done, and then after you finish decide not to use?

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