May 31, 2009

029 - How cute is this!!

I found this paper cut Illustrations form Designer Yulia Brodskaya (Link) on the SeeSaw blog (Link) and I think there are awesome!!

{ Image Source (Link) }

Just imagine how cute some save the date's could look, ( well that's if you have a very limited number of guest)

Now, in my case and because I have some recycled left over purple and green paper, I want to make a sign!! Well not exactly a sign but a heart with our names, just like a monogram but on a frame. I thought it could look cute on our guest book table? and after the wedding we could hang it on the house, I think it could look really cute!

And as always, I couldn't wait and I started drawing minutes after I saw this pictures. This is the first attempt for the sign. You know, I can't wait until I have my camera back, so I can take real pictures, not the ones I've been uploading from my phone.

There, after drawing the outside, I started playing with the lines that I'll be using as guides for the real thing. As you can see this is just the guide for my first attempt so stay tuned to see how this next project ends up :)

So do you go crazy over ideas you found on the web and start working ASAP too?


  1. Wow, these look awesome!!! I don't know if they would work for invites but you can make a great sign with this technique.

  2. did you attempt this? I'd love to see how it turned out. I love Yuliya's work!! It's so whimsical and fun!!!

  3. @jessica: I just made a test sample, but as soon as I make the real one I'll post the final product and the process :), Im excited to try this, and yeahh she's awesome!


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