June 1, 2009

030 - Cheers to this!

I found this cool Etsy seller (Link) That works with glass recycled material. This is just like what I had in mind, for cool, easy, eco-friendly and cheap vases for my recycled paper flowers idea.

{ Images Source (Link) }

Actually my first "eco-friendly" plan was to cut wine bottles and make bases just like the ones Miss D'orsayshowed in this post (Link) so that way make cute and cheap vases.

After I told Mr.Poodle the idea, he said that we could even melt the glass and make cool shapes, to add some more flavor to our centerpieces. Another thing erased from my list and wrote down on his! (muaah ah ah - evil laugh)

{ Image Source (Link) }

Ok, not like this ones, but I think you can understand the idea, right?

So to me is becoming more and more important to try to use recycled material, not just because it's a way to save money (yay!) but because It's just feel so much comfortable knowing that I'm helping in some little way, our soo loved planet :)

How do you feel about recycling? Do you think you can't go cute with this kind of material?


  1. I have a melted Corona glass that I use as a lime serving platter. I've been saving wine bottles for projects like these for awhile! How cool!

  2. Wow these are off tha chain! I wanna make some. How would you melt the glass? Do you need a blow torch?

  3. Exactly Gangsta bride! that's what we are using to melt the glass, you can even just focus on areas or just the top part and create cool shapes :)


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