June 3, 2009

031 - There’s NO EXCUSE!

To not have you own inspiration board :) !!!!

Do you remember when Mrs. Lemon show us all how to make an inspiration board the really easy way and then the Photoshop way? Well I love when you can do things rally easy, BUT it was so hard for me to find the images I loved on the color I wanted, that Photoshop was the way to go for me :)

As always I wanted to share this little experience with all of you and show you the basic tools you can use to play and creat you own costume make Inspiration board! :)

{ Image credits here (Link) }

So today I put together some quick instructions on how to make a board, showing some of the options for manipulation of photos, changing colors and some other goodies, it’s really basic but if you don’t know anything about Photoshop it can be useful, so I hope you enJOY!( Click on the images if you don't have magic reading powers, cause i think i left the images too small lol)

I made the tutorial on Photoshop CS3, and here’s the trial version to download (Link) I think with 90 days of free Photoshop is enough to play all you want with your photos!! and if you end up liking it you can always go to the Adobe page to follow more tutorials, of course there's thousands of those everywhere :)

So here we go:

A).- You will need to install Photoshop on your computer ( if you don’t already have it) there’s tryouts you can download and play for 90 days ( that’s plenty of time to play, I think) Here’s the link for the trial (Link)

B).- Once you have Photoshop installed, you need to open it. And select the “NEW” option from the “FILE” menu, this is what you will see. Because I already knew the size that I wanted to fit on my blog, I entered the 650x400 pixels option (that's the size I wanted so it could fit the blog's width), now because we are going to use it on web the resolution is not very important so 150dpi it’s ok.

C).- Now that we have the new blank file open we need to save it, and give it a name. I saved it as “mi mix” (remember to save the project as a PSD file)

D).- I had already configure my Photoshop so it will show me the rules and layers. But if you don’t have them visible, here is where you can find them. WE ARE READY TO START!

E).- now the first thing I’m going to show you is how to change the image color, in case you looove what you see, BUT it doesn’t match you color palette.

E1).- Open your file and create a duplicate of your image, you need to right click on the layer so the menu will show, there you have the ”duplicate layer” option.

E2).- Now you go to “Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation” , there you can play until your satisfy by the color, and press “OK”

E3).- If you see parts of the image you want on the original color, you can easily use the erase tool from your left icons, if you right click on the image with that tool you can see the options “size” and “hardness”, if you want soft edges put 0% hardness and ERASE!!! :)

E4).- Now that your image is ready you can just save it as a JPG on your computer. See that was easy!! =)

F).- Let’s go back to where we left, you need to open all the images you want to have on your board on Photoshop. Just go to “File > Open” and search for your images. Once they are open you can just click on the image layer “grab & drop” the layer inside your canvas for the board.

G).- Now that the image is there, and if it’s too big for you, just press “CTRL +T” and that will activate the “free transform tool” make it as small as you want but remember to choose the corners and keep the key “shift” press while you do that so it will expand or contract proportional.

H).-The cool thing about working with layers is that you can move them and re-arrange them to go in front or behind the other images.

And..... there you go, after playing with this tools for a lil the first board is HERE!!!

There's so many tools to use and be creative, just let it flow!!

Have you tried to make your own Inspiration board? what program or site did you use?

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