June 15, 2009

039 - Sewing the update

I thought I should start this post showing you all the very first DIY project I've done for the wedding, and the one I have no record of the process lol, I'm planning on adding some small white clay flowers because it's TOO purple. I was so excited about adding purple to everything that I didn't even thought about not having a purple garter, so here it is:

{ I'll post the last part when I add the flowers and final touches to it, I promise. }

Now to what I really wanted to show you all!!!!

As usual > SCROLL DOWN < and If your name is Mr. Poodle DONT!

{ Sneak peek to my working scenario }

This is not the update for the dress, cause I'm still trying to figure out how the top part is going to look (I just cant seem to feel happy about it yet) but here's the undergarment.

First the top: I haven't finish the outer lines cause I was hoping I could tone a lil bit before the wedding, that's why that will be one of the last parts to finish - I have the back part ready to be tighter just in case :)

{ Still has clothe pins on the sides }

The bottom (crinoline) : As some of you read before, I'm making the dress of recycled fabric and the ones I bought, like the tulle I got them on a huge sale; so I'm really excited about the final price and cant wait to finish!!

Anyway, for the bottom part I started with a huge circle of white fabric, this will be the base where all the tulle layers are sewing to, each layer is separated by height so the bottom part end up with more material and bigger, I used two different kinds of tulle, a very thick one and a soft one, so I could add body with the thick and soften it up with the other one on top.

{ A look from the top }

{ Laying on the floor }

{ Layers and more layers }

Now here's all ready to be use and trashed on the future (muuuahh ha ha ha!) - yeah in case you wonder that was my evil laugh again

{ The crinoline and undergarments together }

{ and that's me trying not to show my excitement!! }

{ The front view }

Now just so I don't feel so bad about not showing anything from the actual dress. Here the lace I bought for the top, I hated at first but now I'm starting to like it. It's so hard to be completely happy about my fabric purchases, sometimes I wonder if it's just me or you also had to face the "yeah I love it - ohh no I don't like it -Dang! I think I made a mistake" kind of shopping.

{ lace with my hand on the back }


  1. I love it. Wow. That looks so intricate.

  2. AMAZING!!!! You are making me tired.


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