June 21, 2009

044 - A world kiss Gracias!

I realize that because of the Budget Savvy Bride Contest, I got in touch with sooo many people and friends I haven't talk or seen in sooooo long (let's not blame the constant spamming over Facebook and Myspace to ask them to vote for us lol)and I really appreciate how involve tons of them where ( wake up text message to let me know they are voting, that was funny :P )specially since they kept me updated most of the time while I was moving (yup, not fully done, we are going to finish next weekend)

I want to take a moment and give a world thank, ( cause I just can't do it by name :P)
To my all my family in Swiss, Venezuela, Chile (all of the length) my friends from Brazil, Argentina, Peru, the USA, Canada, all of Mr.K's family and friends, and to the friends of all the named above cause even thought they didn't knew us they even cheer us up with messages and emails (how sweet!!) :) This was fun and a complete roller coaster cause sometimes my girls would call and yell that we were number 1 and some others they'll just text me the position with a sad face (Thank you girls!!)

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From now on I'll be at the new place, but I wont have internet for prob a week or so (I though it was faster to get internet here, but I'm sooo disappointed!)I just learned that not having internet it's worst that not having a phone lol

Ohh and I wanted to share with everyone that finally I had a wedding related meeting this weekend with Miss Bear Cub from Weddingbee, It's so cool that we got to have our own lil meeting since none of us can make it to the one's planned on the USA, we got some good chat and I shared some of my favorite and really cheap supply's stores. I also meet Mr. BC and I have to say he's so nice and funny, they made a great couple. And as a plus to me I got to practice my English yay!!!

Side Note: I'm hoping I can still make it to a Gas station or some other free WIFI place during this week, so I don't feel so bad lol

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  1. thanks so much, Joy! I had so much fun with you! :)


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