June 24, 2009

045 - If life gives you lemons, you got your signature drink!! :P

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I’ve always loved lemonade, but it wasn't until my first trip to USA when I first try the strawberry lemonade, I thought it was awesome so I drank it nonstop on every trip, and now I just can’t get enough, so when I first saw all this pictures I fell in love with the idea. Mr. Poodle is a huge fan of Ice tea so it would be cool to have it too.

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I think all this pictures are so inspiring, plus I have a thing over fruits, lemon and herbs on weddings lol. Here more inspiration:

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When it comes to the drinks ideas, there’s one that I’ve had from the beginning but I don’t know if we could make it happen. I’ve always wanted to add some CHILEAN flavor to the wedding and this could be a great way.

Here in Chile we have hard liquor made of grapes call “Pisco” (nup, it’s not wine! Totally different) and a part of Mr. Poodle's family has tried it already -and loved it- so every chance we have we carry bottles there on our luggage lol.

Like any other hard liquor you can drink it with soda, as shots, or make fancy cute drinks with it. The most famous one here is call “Pisco Sour” it’s like a “Margarita” but just because it has limes on it. Here the recipe and some pictures just if you want to try it.

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Traditional Pisco Sour - 1 Serving
1/3 Cup Pisco
1/3 Cup Sugar
1/3 Cup Sweet Lemon Juice, Freshly Squeezed
1/3 Egg White
For best results, sugar the glass, and use shaker w/ice, pour, strap yourself in.

A couple of bottles is enough when it comes to family tasting, but once we talk about wedding, it’s obviously not enough, so I was researching over Bevmo! today, I knew they had it because we bought a bottle there once, and the good news that they DO have pisco, BUT not my favorite brand, and yes! It’s like 4 times more expensive! :O -wow!

This is one is not "the best" but its way better that the one listed above, the lame this is that usually is out of stock (Source Link)

This is one of the most popular brands of Pisco here, not the best kind but it could work, It's available to buy online each bottle $15.99 (Source Link)

Now there's another coctail made of pisco that Mr.Poodle and I totally love!! this is "Chirimoya Colada" same basics as the previous drink but this time instead of limes it's made with "chirimoyas" Here some pictures so you know what I'm talking about.

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Here you can find a really cool article about this great fruit: What's Chirimoya, perhaps the greatest fruit on the planet (Link)

Here's the cocktail already mixed, let me tell you the end result is AMAZING! even if you don't like the taste of the fruit, your going to at least like it :)

On his last trip Mr. Poodle went home with 3 bottles on each suitcase of Pisco and Chirimoya colada lol

Now the problem is that in the US this fruit is not so common and really expensive and I haven't found any place where they sell the bottle cocktail online :( I'm so bummed cause I know this could be a great hit.

What's your signature drink? what kind of beverages are you going to offer?


  1. Now that I've read about Chirimoyas, I really need to taste one! Sounds yummy!

    And total congrats, you Budget Savvy Bride!

  2. haha pisco sour: not for beginners! :)
    I learned the hard way you don't mix drinking piscos & wine! those things are dangerous! ;)

  3. @FlipFlopBride: Thank you!!! :) and yes!! you HAVE to try them

    @Miss Rye Bread: That's funny!! I agree extremely dangerous lol


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