June 17, 2009

040 - Excited ohhh so much!!

OMG!!! I can’t believe it, a couple of weeks a go I told my FH about the Budget Savvy Bride Contest! by Project Wedding, then I started complaining about how I NEVER win anything and I have the worst of the lucks when it comes to contest.

He said I should send him some stuff and that he will do the work cause he knew that we got a chance :)(Yeah right! I thought...) I just did what he requested for the fun of it and forgot about it.

Today I found out we got selected!!!!! yay, I know I shouldn’t be sooo exited since I checked the contest and we are the last ones (yes I did vote)lol, but since I never get selected on anything, this would be my first!!! lol

Here's my actual Inspiration board, I show you how I did it on this post -> (Link) and now Its right there on the list!!

I don’t feel comfortable asking people to vote for us, but I can tell you to check the contest!!

> Link Here <

I'm excited and truly overwhelmed by this since to me just being selected is such an honor :) ( just in case our entry is "Joy's plan for our wedding")

There's awesome wedding savvy advice there and beautiful weddings posted, since ours is just a plan on how we want the wedding to be and save money along the way, I feel like we don't have much of a chance, but Hey!! there's always ideas that could be helpful for others!

How's your luck this kind of stuff ladies?

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