June 18, 2009

041 - Clay flower update

Remember when I talked about how much I love clay flowers, and that I wanted to try and make clay flowers? Well you already saw the clay hair flower trial i made.

So now it's time for me to introduce you - My clay flower!!

This are not the professional kind of clay flowers you see on Etsy and other blogs, because I just learned how to make them. This are my babies and will be with me on the best day of my life :)

{ They are not finished as you can see, but I love them already ♥ }

Second my other purple flowers, I don't know where to use them, but I like them.

I also made different kind of small white flowers to add more color to the bouquet

When I shot the flowers they were are mixed so if you see a dirty one or some missing piece - That's one of the trials - Oops! sorry

Now you know my flowers, next I'll share with all of you how I made my purple roses - so stay tuned!

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