August 30, 2009

071 - A cute flower for my wedding day

Remember when I shared with all of you my first attempt of a hair flower? well - yeah, clay was not the right material after I realize how dangerous my head was ( I use to poke Mr. Poodle on the eyes with whatever I have in my hair)

So fabric was a really tempting option :) Miss Bear Cub and I wanted to try to make our owns, so while I was visiting her (remember our BeeTV?) a few weeks a go, siii! We started playing with cute fabrics, pearls, feathers and beads.

This was our Monday morning project! -Um, well - if you remember the amount of "Pisco" we had the night before (While BeeTV broadcast) you can guess we were not on our best shape to craft lol - I did as much as I could, but I didn't finish my flower. I left that cutie waiting for me while I research for the beads and pearls I wanted for the center - now finally! - I'm done!!

{ My finish flower! }

Of course, as always, I wanted to share with all of you how I made mine, just in case you want to make your own :)

This was my very first flower, so that means I'm not a Flower expert :P I try to follow every instruction I found online, but at the end I rather go my way and I didn't cut the shape of the flower on fabric (Like I was supposed to do on Martha's tutorial) I cut 2 different sizes of pedals (approx), starting with 3"x2" rectangles (for the big ones).

{ Not all of the pedals are exactly the same size or shape,
I thought it would look more real that way }

After cutting all the pedals, we light a candle and seal the fabric, just like Mrs. Piglet did on this tutorial.

{ Here you can see the finish shape }

Once I had all of my pedals ready, I stitch trough one of the edges and attach together the first layer of pedals.

{ Here you can see the pedals sewed together, this was the bottom layer }

I also cut tulle pedals, now in this case I didn't run the edges trough the candle, because the tulle burns way faster hehe, I try several times but I ended up with an ugly pedal lol

{ You can see the tulle pedal layer on the left and the next white fabric layer of pedals
attached on the right }

I ended up using 5 layers (of 6 to 8 pedals each) of white fabric and 2 layers (of 6 pedals each) of tulle for the flower

{ I found some cute white feathers that I sew to one of the sides}

{ I bought different green and purple beads to attach on the center of the flowers }

I played around with all the beads until I was completely happy with the result, I fist try to just sew them to the flower but the small ones moved too much so I ended up hot gluing them to the center. I grab the beads one by one with tweezers and apply tiny amounts of hot glue to the bead, then I proceed to place it exactly where I wanted.

{ I used some lilac, purple and purple clear beads; white feathers and tulle }

I only have a small idea of how I want my hair that day - Big curls!! So I hope the flower looks better once my hair is all pretty :P

{ As usual, Curly couldn't resist a camera - Both of us modeling my flower }

After I finish my flower I decided to try and make flowers for my girls, i know MOH wanted one for her hair and my little sister wanted one for her dress, so I started playing again, this time with purple fabric and the green beads.

{ I used some left overs from one of my last projects, remember? }

{ This time I used different colors and sizes of green beads }

I still need to Iron this flowers to shape the pedals a little bit more, but I am going to make that once the flower and dresses travel all the way to California. because otherwise I'll have to work on that two times hehe. If you want to practice I used this small iron, I bought that on my first trip to the USA, it's so small and handy.

I also made another one with a different center so they can have variety to chose the one they like best.

I've notice we are all going crazy over flowers this days, so did you fall into the hair-flower-wagon? Are you DIY yours? Are you buying on Etsy? Want to show off?

August 28, 2009

070 - After several hours of Labor, we bore..

... Mr. Poodle's Ring!!

So before I show you the ring, here’s a little fact: Yesterday, my MOH boarded a plane to go study English for 6 months in Colorado. She was extremely nervous because it is going to be her first time there (all alone, too) but she’s REALLY excited about the experience, and the fact that after I move, both of us will be decently close to each other. She will spend the holidays with us and will help us with all the massive DIY projects for the wedding. She rocks, I know!

So - before she left she handed me "Mr. Poodle's future precious!" I'm SO EXCITED it's already finish!!

As you know, it all began with this idea: I happened to pick up two pieces of wood on our Patagonia trip. After random conversations about other options for our rings’ materials we decided that we could keep that trip in our memories forever by incorporating the wood into the rings.

You know the drill - If your name happen to be Mr. Poodle, RUN away from the computer AHORA! and DO NOT push the read more :)

August 26, 2009

069 - Honeymoon on My Hometown: "Chile" Part I - Santiago

Yeah baby! - I might not like my hometown on daily basis (but that's just because I would rather live in the middle of nowhere hehe) - But last December, when Mr. Poodle visit me here in Chile, I got the chance to fall in love all over again with my pretty but sometimes too much of a city Santiago!

{ Image Source (Link) }

Just follow that sign!! It will take you to the Santiago airport " Arturo Merino Benítez - SCL" this will be for most of you, travelers, the first Chilean land you will step on ;)

August 25, 2009

068 - Following my heart

... but, to the other side of the world?

{A little drawing form yours truly }

My of my family has always pushed me and encourage me to always follow my heart and do what makes me happy. And of course that is something many of my friends really like about me, BUT on this case we are not talking about pursuing a "not traditional career" or starting a new sport. This time things will get a little extreme.

I will be moving 5,576 miles away! yup pretty much to the other side of the world - And even though my family is happy because they know I'll be happy. There's different emotions and stages we had worked together in order for them to understand my decision.

I am super close to my mom and sister, we are really good friends and ever since my dad is not longer with us (He did not die, just left our lives a year a go) I've been their stronger support, we have team up in order to stay together and strong. I feel I am truly blessed my them and it is not only hard for them but also hard for me to go away from them and start my new life - and future family.

I know distance does not mean the lost of the communication or the love (My relationship with Mr. Poodle proves that) but I definitely won't feel I'll be able to protect them the way I do now, and even tho they try not to show me. I can feel the the different emotions every time we talk about it.

The change in my life will be very drastic, I am leaving not only my family but also all my friends and the people that had watch me grow through the years. I know moving is a quite normal step in everyone's life and with the kind of technology we all have access now, distance seems like a tiny detail. But I cant help but feel the emotional roller coaster of being happy about finally being with Mr.Poodle butat the same time sad about leaving everyone here in Chile.

I am the kind of person that smiles and thanks God for the blessings in my life every day - and every chance I can I tell my family and friends how much they all mean to me, how much I love them and thank them for touching my life and inspire me :) But lately I've feel like I need to tell them even more often, hug them tighter and laugh together even louder.

This move is not only going to change my life in the future (once I become Mrs. Poodle) but is changing my life at this exact moment, all this future changes had made me appreciate even more the ones I have around me now, all of my friends and family. I feel so blessed because I have them, and I am enjoying every minute I spend with them. I am taking advantage of every second I have to chat, share and get together with them And at the same time everyday I thank God because the moment when I'll be reunited once again (And for good!)with the love of my life is getting closer. I feel really happy and excited about living with him and starting our new life together :) - yeah! a real mix of emotions.

Have you experience a pre-wedding event that has touch your life in a deep emotional way? Want to vent?

August 24, 2009

067 - A garter toss and a tutorial

I already give you all a sneak peak of my DIY garter and promise to show the final product once I was done, remember? - well... I'm done! :) and I'm here to show you all.

{ Here my final Garter! I know - Estoy como loca por el Morado! :P}

Basically I used one piece of two meter long fabric, I sew a "sandwich" ribbon to it on the center, after that I run elastic trough the center, pull and I got my garter!!, I added little clay flowers and leaf with different green small pieces of ribbon.

I always understand better when I see pictures, but this time (because it was my very first project) I forgot to take pictures - so I draw my process to show you all ;)

First I sew the edges of the fabric, fold the ends like on the drawing and your good to go, I used a fancy stitch so it would look "cooler" but if you don't know how to work those stitches you can just go with the plain normal one.

After you have your ends done you need to make a "sandwitch with two pieces of ribbon and your fabric - IMPORTANT: Don't put the elastic until your done sewing! I just drw it there so you can know where it goes.

In order to keep the layers on place, secure them with clothespins. Then proceed to sew the edges like shown on the upper drawing.

After your done with sewing the edges, run the elastic like on the drawing, pull and tie both ends. Remember to measure so it doesn't get too tight or too lose on your leg.

After that you need to sew the front faces together and your done!! Sew or glue embellishments as desire ;) - what I did was attach the flowers with different green ribbon :)

Are you DIY your garter? what to share your inspiration?

August 19, 2009

066 - Crinoline - The evolution

Ok maybe evolution is too much of a word for the change I made to my crinoline, But sounds so cool!

Remember when I showed you all my crinoline? Well after I look at some pictures I decided I wanted to spice thing a little bit, like this.

{ Image Source (Link) }

but dyeing it was not really an option to me, because even tho I love the way it looks, I don't want everything purple, I want white and purple. But re-doing the crinoline was not an option to achieve my desire look, so I opted for ADDING!

Yes! puffier!!! :) I know I'm possibly going to end up looking like a marshmallow, but I'll take the chance - I have a feeling it will end up looking cool - or else I'll be always remember as the white with little purple details marshmallow bride :P (Crossing finger big time at this moment)

So I ran to my "fabric supplies heaven" and got 40 feet of purple tulle at $9,60 oh! yes! (Told you! heaven fabric place!) Once home I cut long pieces matching all the height of my white layers and sew them together.

{ Mom Poodle is not really good at taking pictures lol - eyes closed!
and she said it was a perfect picture }

{ I had tulle everywhere, so by the time I started sewing my baby Poodle (Curly ) thought the crinoline was a tend for him to play at}

{ This is how my crinoline ended up looking }

I'm much happier now :) because I can surprise with a little bit of color under my dress. I just can't get away from color, specially purple! I love it so much!

Are you attempting to add color to your dress? if so, what's your plan?

August 8, 2009

065 - My girl's dresses - Part1 MOH

Remember when I showed you all the inspiration dresses I got together to show my girls; the trend I said I loved SO much and the card I made to re-ask them to my on my party? Well on the card I sent them fabric sample so they can "see" the fabric I got on sale (Yup! I always look for sales hehe) it's a really cute purple fabric, so now sadly I wont have the different shades as an option (I know! cheap me!!) Anyway on that card I told them to pick a dress each, and offered the dresses as a gift from this Poodle bride :) - Ohh my! I'm feeling this is going to tress me out! but I already told them hehe

Well to my surprise, 2 of them already pick (The Chilean girls) and both of them chose the same bottom for their dresses, but the tops are going to be totally different!! You know - I wanted them to "not-match" so badly, hopefully the other two BM wont choose the same one.

A couple of weeks a go my MOH went through a very tough situation, because of that she wasn't sure she was going to be able to be by my side on my wedding day (*almost crying!*) - I was really really sad and decided that if she couldn't make it I rather not have a MOH, than fell like I was "replacing her" by asking someone else . Gladly, and to my surprise and JOY she will be THERE!!! (*Happy dance!*)

{ Yay! this is us celebrating her "comeback" to my wedding party! }

So last night we got the chance to celebrate and work on the pattern for her dress. I know this not the "proper way" to make it but it works for me, usually I draw on newspaper (I always tape sheets together for the bigger pieces) and then cut them and fix the pattern on the person I'm working - I soo wish I had one of those PRO tailor's dummy :) But well until that day, I have to work with what I have - hehe

{ My newspaper top pattern and MOH modeling for us lol }

So after about 3 glasses of rom each, we finally were able to move, work on fabric and forget abut the newspaper :)

{ I know I get so serious when I'm sewing! -
The first fit = not good! but she loved the pockets :) }

So the first fitting was just with clothespins, and we needed to add one missing piece (Yup! the rom was hitting us at that point) - After about half hour we finally found that missing piece, but decided to hold the sewing for the dress sake!

Today we started early and with a slight hangover hehe, I was glad we didn't attempt to finish last nigh! because well, I would have need to do everything again! - my advice: Don't drink and sew :)

{ Second fitting! - Now I can add the straps }

{ We still have to iron it and short it to the length MOH wants }

So here the final dress, we are thinking on adding some purple tulle on the bottom just to add some more body.

This was the first dress story, 1 done - 3 to go!!

And here the question! Would you change - add something? We are thinking about getting some sleeves or wrap for her to cover and maybe a sash down the bust line. What you think?

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