August 28, 2009

070 - After several hours of Labor, we bore..

... Mr. Poodle's Ring!!

So before I show you the ring, here’s a little fact: Yesterday, my MOH boarded a plane to go study English for 6 months in Colorado. She was extremely nervous because it is going to be her first time there (all alone, too) but she’s REALLY excited about the experience, and the fact that after I move, both of us will be decently close to each other. She will spend the holidays with us and will help us with all the massive DIY projects for the wedding. She rocks, I know!

So - before she left she handed me "Mr. Poodle's future precious!" I'm SO EXCITED it's already finish!!

As you know, it all began with this idea: I happened to pick up two pieces of wood on our Patagonia trip. After random conversations about other options for our rings’ materials we decided that we could keep that trip in our memories forever by incorporating the wood into the rings.

You know the drill - If your name happen to be Mr. Poodle, RUN away from the computer AHORA! and DO NOT push the read more :)

I asked MOH for help and after discussing for long how to treat the wood and the better option to get the ring engraved (Just like I wanted) She started sketching the ring and doing weird tests on the wood. I wanted something really simple, clean and not so big.

{ This are not very good pictures, but if you try hard you can see the ring getting it's shape }

The process was not so long but she did work a lot :) - How cool of her to charge us just for the materials - Ok in this case is just me, because we are buying each others ring and keeping them a surprise until the wedding.

But hey! How could I not show the hive this??

{ I just love the way it ended up looking!! She engraved the "Spanglish" words I wanted
You can see the Spanish part of the end "por siempre" = forever

{ Because of the nature of Mr. Poodle's job we decided really early that he needed a
necklace for his ring, so he can wear it around his neck while working -
I choose this "not wide" chain because - well, he's not into jewelry at all,
so I wanted something really light }

I am so excited!! Now I'm thinking on options to build this "anillito" a house, remember this amazing project by Mrs. Gloss? yeah! it could be a cool option. I'll be making houses for Mr. Poodle's and mines (MOH is going to email me the size for mines) But there's no rush, I want to find the perfect project to keep our rings :)

Are you planning for non-conventional ring boxes for your rings? want to give me some ideas?


  1. Joy, I love Mr. Poodle's ring! It so unique. Your MOH did an awesome, awesome job.

  2. Joy, I LOVE how Mr. P's ring came out. It's beautiful, but still masculine. Also, it looks like the wood is well protected!

    I love that you got him a chain for when he's working.

    BTW, I saw on the news that wildfires in Socal are blaring again. Is Ken out there fighting them? You both are in my thoughts!

    (Congrats on your interview date!! When is it? Our case was just received in Vancouver yesterday, so Bryan should be getting his packet soon!)

  3. yeah he left early this week to go up north and fight fire :( - You are so sweet! thank you so much

    ohh my interview is October 5th, they had to move it because they had to send my package two times the first one never came. But it's alright so that way I have plenty of time to not miss any detail hehe :)

    I hope Bryan can get it SOON!! if he didn't move at the end of the process (like I did) he should get it the week after the Embassy received the case! Good Luck!! :) you are always on my thoughts!


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