August 24, 2009

067 - A garter toss and a tutorial

I already give you all a sneak peak of my DIY garter and promise to show the final product once I was done, remember? - well... I'm done! :) and I'm here to show you all.

{ Here my final Garter! I know - Estoy como loca por el Morado! :P}

Basically I used one piece of two meter long fabric, I sew a "sandwich" ribbon to it on the center, after that I run elastic trough the center, pull and I got my garter!!, I added little clay flowers and leaf with different green small pieces of ribbon.

I always understand better when I see pictures, but this time (because it was my very first project) I forgot to take pictures - so I draw my process to show you all ;)

First I sew the edges of the fabric, fold the ends like on the drawing and your good to go, I used a fancy stitch so it would look "cooler" but if you don't know how to work those stitches you can just go with the plain normal one.

After you have your ends done you need to make a "sandwitch with two pieces of ribbon and your fabric - IMPORTANT: Don't put the elastic until your done sewing! I just drw it there so you can know where it goes.

In order to keep the layers on place, secure them with clothespins. Then proceed to sew the edges like shown on the upper drawing.

After your done with sewing the edges, run the elastic like on the drawing, pull and tie both ends. Remember to measure so it doesn't get too tight or too lose on your leg.

After that you need to sew the front faces together and your done!! Sew or glue embellishments as desire ;) - what I did was attach the flowers with different green ribbon :)

Are you DIY your garter? what to share your inspiration?


  1. Girl, your stuff is amazing! I absolutely LOVE everything you have shown! I wish you were my close amiga :)

    Great job!

  2. That's so pretty, Joy! Wonderful job!


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