August 25, 2009

068 - Following my heart

... but, to the other side of the world?

{A little drawing form yours truly }

My of my family has always pushed me and encourage me to always follow my heart and do what makes me happy. And of course that is something many of my friends really like about me, BUT on this case we are not talking about pursuing a "not traditional career" or starting a new sport. This time things will get a little extreme.

I will be moving 5,576 miles away! yup pretty much to the other side of the world - And even though my family is happy because they know I'll be happy. There's different emotions and stages we had worked together in order for them to understand my decision.

I am super close to my mom and sister, we are really good friends and ever since my dad is not longer with us (He did not die, just left our lives a year a go) I've been their stronger support, we have team up in order to stay together and strong. I feel I am truly blessed my them and it is not only hard for them but also hard for me to go away from them and start my new life - and future family.

I know distance does not mean the lost of the communication or the love (My relationship with Mr. Poodle proves that) but I definitely won't feel I'll be able to protect them the way I do now, and even tho they try not to show me. I can feel the the different emotions every time we talk about it.

The change in my life will be very drastic, I am leaving not only my family but also all my friends and the people that had watch me grow through the years. I know moving is a quite normal step in everyone's life and with the kind of technology we all have access now, distance seems like a tiny detail. But I cant help but feel the emotional roller coaster of being happy about finally being with Mr.Poodle butat the same time sad about leaving everyone here in Chile.

I am the kind of person that smiles and thanks God for the blessings in my life every day - and every chance I can I tell my family and friends how much they all mean to me, how much I love them and thank them for touching my life and inspire me :) But lately I've feel like I need to tell them even more often, hug them tighter and laugh together even louder.

This move is not only going to change my life in the future (once I become Mrs. Poodle) but is changing my life at this exact moment, all this future changes had made me appreciate even more the ones I have around me now, all of my friends and family. I feel so blessed because I have them, and I am enjoying every minute I spend with them. I am taking advantage of every second I have to chat, share and get together with them And at the same time everyday I thank God because the moment when I'll be reunited once again (And for good!)with the love of my life is getting closer. I feel really happy and excited about living with him and starting our new life together :) - yeah! a real mix of emotions.

Have you experience a pre-wedding event that has touch your life in a deep emotional way? Want to vent?

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, you're not alone. I'll be moving 1,500 miles away from my family when I get married. It's not across the world, but it's across the country and unlike other moves I've taken, this one will be permanent. It's a weird combination of emotions to be so ecstatic to marry and be with the one you love, and also to be sad about all the people/things/places you're leaving behind. A good cry every now and again helps :)


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