August 30, 2009

071 - A cute flower for my wedding day

Remember when I shared with all of you my first attempt of a hair flower? well - yeah, clay was not the right material after I realize how dangerous my head was ( I use to poke Mr. Poodle on the eyes with whatever I have in my hair)

So fabric was a really tempting option :) Miss Bear Cub and I wanted to try to make our owns, so while I was visiting her (remember our BeeTV?) a few weeks a go, siii! We started playing with cute fabrics, pearls, feathers and beads.

This was our Monday morning project! -Um, well - if you remember the amount of "Pisco" we had the night before (While BeeTV broadcast) you can guess we were not on our best shape to craft lol - I did as much as I could, but I didn't finish my flower. I left that cutie waiting for me while I research for the beads and pearls I wanted for the center - now finally! - I'm done!!

{ My finish flower! }

Of course, as always, I wanted to share with all of you how I made mine, just in case you want to make your own :)

This was my very first flower, so that means I'm not a Flower expert :P I try to follow every instruction I found online, but at the end I rather go my way and I didn't cut the shape of the flower on fabric (Like I was supposed to do on Martha's tutorial) I cut 2 different sizes of pedals (approx), starting with 3"x2" rectangles (for the big ones).

{ Not all of the pedals are exactly the same size or shape,
I thought it would look more real that way }

After cutting all the pedals, we light a candle and seal the fabric, just like Mrs. Piglet did on this tutorial.

{ Here you can see the finish shape }

Once I had all of my pedals ready, I stitch trough one of the edges and attach together the first layer of pedals.

{ Here you can see the pedals sewed together, this was the bottom layer }

I also cut tulle pedals, now in this case I didn't run the edges trough the candle, because the tulle burns way faster hehe, I try several times but I ended up with an ugly pedal lol

{ You can see the tulle pedal layer on the left and the next white fabric layer of pedals
attached on the right }

I ended up using 5 layers (of 6 to 8 pedals each) of white fabric and 2 layers (of 6 pedals each) of tulle for the flower

{ I found some cute white feathers that I sew to one of the sides}

{ I bought different green and purple beads to attach on the center of the flowers }

I played around with all the beads until I was completely happy with the result, I fist try to just sew them to the flower but the small ones moved too much so I ended up hot gluing them to the center. I grab the beads one by one with tweezers and apply tiny amounts of hot glue to the bead, then I proceed to place it exactly where I wanted.

{ I used some lilac, purple and purple clear beads; white feathers and tulle }

I only have a small idea of how I want my hair that day - Big curls!! So I hope the flower looks better once my hair is all pretty :P

{ As usual, Curly couldn't resist a camera - Both of us modeling my flower }

After I finish my flower I decided to try and make flowers for my girls, i know MOH wanted one for her hair and my little sister wanted one for her dress, so I started playing again, this time with purple fabric and the green beads.

{ I used some left overs from one of my last projects, remember? }

{ This time I used different colors and sizes of green beads }

I still need to Iron this flowers to shape the pedals a little bit more, but I am going to make that once the flower and dresses travel all the way to California. because otherwise I'll have to work on that two times hehe. If you want to practice I used this small iron, I bought that on my first trip to the USA, it's so small and handy.

I also made another one with a different center so they can have variety to chose the one they like best.

I've notice we are all going crazy over flowers this days, so did you fall into the hair-flower-wagon? Are you DIY yours? Are you buying on Etsy? Want to show off?


  1. LOVE the flowers! You are so talented! Can we be friends when you move to California, Miss Poodle? lol Maybe some of your craftiness will rub off on me?!

  2. We def NEED to be friends once I move Miss Tortolita! - I NEED California friends!!!

  3. yey! Pues aqui tienes una amiga en Los Angeles!


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