September 1, 2009

072 - A dress to make it legal

A few months ago, Mr. Poodle an I decided we were going to marry “on paper” months before we say “I do” next January at his grandparents’ ranch.

Even though neither of us wanted to be legally married before our wedding celebration, we had to go this route after finding out that I wont be able to work until 3 to 4 months after we file for my AOS (Adjustment of Status - that’s the step that follows the legal marriage). It takes that long to get a Green Card (job permit) in the mail.

So basically, we had two options:
  • I could move there and work on the wedding planning for about two months, forget the idea of trying to get a job, and we would get married in January and apply for AOS after that. This would give me an extra 3 to 4 months to sit on my butt and try to find something to do after the wedding.
  • OR, I could move to California and we could just sign the papers to “make it legal”, and apply for the AOS as soon as possible. I could use the time waiting for the AOS to process to craft and go crazy over our wedding related tasks! This way, the timing would work out almost perfectly, giving me just a couple of weeks after the wedding to start the search for a job.

We decided the last option was the way we wanted to go and also decided that the “legal date” will not be important to us. We’ll celebrate our anniversary on our wedding ceremony date, not the “legal date”.  Actually, none of our friends know about this (only our families - and now YOU! :P). Plus, I don’t want to be address as a MRS. after that day, because we are not giving that date the symbolism of the “BIG STEP” we will be making. We will call each other husband and wife only after our January event.

So, it’s not a big deal, and I bet Mr. Poodle will wear short pants and a shirt that day. BUT, I’m a girl!!! I can’t help it! I need a cute DRESS!

I know I’ll have some other occasions to wear cute dresses to, like a shower (If I happen to have one) or the rehearsal. But I know we will end up taking at least one picture that day, and I don’t want to be in shorts and a shirt.

I still have a lot of work to do in the sewing department (finishing the top of my dress, table runners, and 3 BM dresses), but I’ll have nothing else to do once I move, since I’ll lose my actual job. (Yay! Oh no, I mean… boo. :P) So, another dress project would be great!

So, here are my inspiration dresses!! I though it would be nice to have a “bridal-looking” dress, with soft colors, a wavy look, and cute flower accessories.

 - Rose and Ruby Inspiration

Maybe a little hint of color like on the right ones?

{ Dresses From Rose and Ruby - via Beauty and Lace }

Then I headed over to one of my favorite places where I like to web window shop—Anthropologie! I found these two cute little dresses that I really liked. They’re not totally bridal, but I could easily wear any of these  again!

- Anthropologie Inspiration

{ Clustered Pedals Dress by Anthropologie }

{ Behind-the-Clouds Dress by Anthropologie }

Then, I stumbled upon Sika Designs. I’ve had these dresses saved on my computer and needed an excuse to make something similar ever since I started the search my wedding dress. I was so blown away by these  cuties!

- Sika Designs Inspiration

{ Dresses from Sika Designs - Fusion Collection }

{ Dresses from Sika Designs -  Wonderland and Spellbound Collection}

I have so much inspiration in my head that I need some help choosing an option, because I like everything, and I can’t make 3 dresses!

As far as we know, we’ll be signing the legal papers soon after I move to California. So weather will not be a huge factor, and I could pretty much wear any of the above dresses.


  • Rose and ruby Inspiration - Soft colors, lace, waves and ruffles
  • Anthropologie Inspiration - Solid colors with soft details
  • Sika Designs Inspiration -  Stamps with "retro king of looking" shapes

Which of the dresses do you think I could continue to wear on a daily basis?


  1. I love the Clustered Petals dress from Anthropologie... in fact, I bookmarked it the other day as I was shopping online! I think it's my favorite.

    I'm still trying to figure out if I'm going to wear anything special for our civil ceremony. I kind of wanted to downplay it by just wearing whatever, but having a little mini wedding kind of seems fun : )

  2. I agree with J. My vote is for the clustered petals dress!

  3. I love the rose and ruby inspiration. Soft,vintageie and could go with boots.

  4. Oh Joy! You are amazing! Rose and Ruby inspiration is beautiful, and you would look stunning in this! You could easily wear it again. But, in the end.... it's all up to you!


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