September 16, 2009

079 – Poodle goes sexy

peacook-poodle { Image Source }

Ok maybe not this kind of sexy! but I do think feathers are HOT!

Recently I started thinking about two things, what to wear for the Boudoir pictures I plan to make for Mr. Poodle and what to wear for our after party. So since I don't have those kind of sexy clothes on my closet I started the search for ideas.

( This is one of those post YOU CAN NOT read if your name is Mr. Poodle! Muchas gracias Amor! )

And on my search I stumble upon this cute baby doll - what I liked the most about it? Polka dots!!! yeah ( Miss Star I love polka dotes too! :P ) But the top is not really my thing, my friends will be way too exposed lol

V279511 { Sheer polkadot babydoll via Victoria’s Secret }

Then I saw this “Ballerina” version! I loooved it! but I wanted polka dotes so bad!

V288049  { Ballerina Babydoll via Victoria’s Secret }

Happy for me! I actually had this next fabrics around the house (I bought 2 meters of each for $3.00 on sale last year) I thought I would try my very first baby doll :)  

telas { Polka dot see-though and stretch Hot Pink fabric}

Today on my way home I draw a little sketch an plan how I was going to cut all the pieces, how I was going to make the back, because I wanted to make this the easiest way possible.

1 { The plan sketch I made on the subway, on the right the pieces for the bottom ruffles }

After I measure how long I wanted the baby doll to be, I decided I wanted double fabric on the bust, to give more support and so I can feel a little more comfortable hehe

{ All the pieces cut and ready to be assembled }

I was really happy I actually planned how to sew all the pieces, because it took me about 30 minutes to sew everything together :) yay

At the end I made tree layer of ruffles on the bottom, witch transform into only one on the way to the top, I made some details to put on the cleavage area and sew a black piece of ribbon to tie everything on the front

4 { The finish product!! yay }

567{ All the details and an example of the little see-though effect of the fabric }

I am so happy with the way this DIY baby doll turn out! now I actually have something to wear for the pictures! (I do think I need more options too)

Here some examples of how it fits!

Are you thinking on buying/making something sexy to wear for pictures or the after party?


  1. wow. You just keep surprising me with all the amazing things you can create, it's unbelievable. I love everything about it - great job!

  2. Joy, you're ridiculous. Seriously, so freaking talented. I like it even better than your inspiration photos!

  3. Your skills are too cool for school! Awesome!!!!!

  4. Aww thank you girls!! :) your words mean a lot

  5. This is wonderful! I love the fabric's pink and polka dotted design, it looks very chic and perfect for this baby doll! You've definitely got some sewing talent!


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