September 13, 2009

078 - A Bee’s Life: El turno de Miss Poodle

… Because you think you know, but you have no idea…
I’ve always wanted to write that, and here is a post that it finally works for. No, I don’t think I’m an MTV superstar, but this series is kind of like MTV’s“Diary”, but the Weddingbee version!  smile022
So now, mi historia…

A little background:
I was not one of those girls that dreamed about weddings, but there was one thing that caught my attention early on in my life: Barbie dolls’ clothes. I couldn’t have cared less about the dolls, but I was interested in the clothes. I made my first Barbie wedding dress out of toilet paper when I was 7 years old.
Dresses were the only thing I knew about weddings when Mr. Poodle and I started to talk about wedding planning. Feeling extremely overwhelmed, (I was so clueless about the whole wedding world) I started Googling every single wedding term (in Spanish). The week after Mr. Poodle told his parents about our engagement, I got a package from my FMIL with a big fat wedding planning book and a few bridal magazines! It was exactly what I needed (Thank you again, B!). I read everything she sent me. One of my magazines had an article about the best online wedding planing resources.

Finding Weddingbee:
That magazine lead me to The Knot. And like many of you, I was overwhelmed by all the information. But most of all, I was overwhelmed by all the tiny little details that had not-so-tiny prices.
In one of the magazines, I ran into a weird acronym.

I had no idea it was going to be the magic word… DIY!  (How did I manage to live without that word?) I had no idea what it meant back then, but once I typed it in to  my browser, magic happened. Besides finding the actual meaning, I found tons of DIY projects made by (my now fellow) bees. The DIY tag was what actually hooked me to this site, and in no time I found myself stalking Weddingbee!
Yes! It was the most beautiful discovery! There were actually other brides making projects for their weddings, they were talking about the same problems I was going through, and there were also boards where brides helped each other in the nicest way I’ve read. At that point my mind was blown! I wanted to be a part of this community!

Applying to Bee:
At a really young age I found out that I had a huge love for sharing and teaching. I would often be the one offering help to my classmates and sharing my ideas. Helping has always been something that made me smile. So, being able to share my ideas was my main temptation to apply to be a bee.
I started my wedding blog because I wanted to share with and include Mr. Poodle and his family in the process. (Before I started blogging I would email them each idea I had and would attach pictures or PDF files… it was a mess!) Second, and more importantly, I saw blogging as a really good chance to practice and improve my English.
I didn’t actually consider applying until one of my blogger friends, FlipFlopBride, suggested I do so.
But in my mind, the chance that I would be accepted was so tiny! Why? My main concern was that my English might not have been good enough for the blog. But I fought all my fears and filled out an application with butterflies in my stomach. After I read Mrs. Penguin’s post about the application timeframe, I was ready to push SEND!
Only a few days after I sent my application, I got an email from Weddingbee, and I was SO EXITED! I was accepted! And, the best part was that I was introduced the very next day! Everything happened so quickly that I could hardly sleep for those next few days. Instead of dreaming about my wedding, I was dreaming about Weddingbee instead! I was so amazed by all the kind words and the fact that I was a bee!

Why Miss Poodle?:
As I’ve show you all (in pretty much all of my posts), the reason I chose poodle is because of my dear baby poodle, Curly. But by the time I got accepted, there were also a lot of weather icons available, and they were all so cute! I felt so tempted to be Miss Moonbeam or Drew Drop, but in the end, I thought about my personality and the fact that I’m so much like my dog: I’m really goofy, and I literally jump around whenever I get excited. So, Poodle WAS the perfect fit for me. (Mr. Poodle is still bummed that he doesn’t have a manly name… I bet he would have been happier being a Power Ranger! LOL)
Beeing a BEE:
I can seriously say that I’m not only addicted to WB, but also to blogging. Each time I do something, or something happens to me, I take a crazy amount of pictures and I’m thinking about how I can blog about it.
Being a part of this community has allowed me to fully enjoy wedding planning, even though it’s sometimes been crazy and stressful. The fact that I getbto inspire a brides to get back into crafts, and the thank you emails I sometimes recieve has brought tears to my eyes! Yes, I’m pretty emotional. I admire so many of the bees, and I think I’m really lucky to be in such an amazing group of talented ladies (and guys!).

Well, I still think of myself as a relatively new bee, after all, I’ve only been one for only 8 weeks. smile022 But here are some tips I’ve learned during my short time as a blogger:
  • Many bees talk about finding your voice. I think I’m still on the search for mine, or maybe I’ve found it, but just don’t know I have yet. I think blogging with confidence is important.
  • Just like in life, not everyone will like or relate to the situations you’re in or the decisions you’ll make. There will always be people that won’t agree with you, and sometimes you get really negative comments. When that happens, you need to raise your head up high and keep blogging. When you blog, you put yourself out there, and you’ll need to grow really thick blogger skin.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, so sometimes the best way to showcase an idea in pictures or in drawings. I read blogs by scrolling through the pictures first, and then I read the blog. So pictures, to me, are very important!
  • Be yourself, but always keep in mind that ANYONE can read waht you’re writing. So, always be careful with your words… don’t write something you wouldn’t want someone out there to find and read.
So all I have left to do is say THANK YOU to the hive! Thank you for inspiring me, reading about me, and for all the support… you rock!
Besos! - Miss Poodle <3

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