September 30, 2009

081 - A gift for my lovely ladies

If you remember some time a go I made this felt flowers to use on my girl’s gift, and I actually changed my mind so many times about how to make what I’m about to show you!

Ok girls the flower is all your allowed to see…

(If you’re one of my BM DO NOT read on, Please!! –
Si eres una de mis damas NO LEAN este post, por favor!!)

I started this project about four months a go, but the main reason why I couldn't finish was because I was questioning if they’ll like it or not or if they’ll use it at all. I wanted to give them something they would not use at our wedding because I’m already giving them the dresses as my gift for the day.

So I though about a handbag, I've made handbags before, but just for me. Making something for someone else is totally different (in my head) because I know exactly how I want things, but for my girls, even though I know them and I know about their taste, I have no idea the shapes they’ll like more on a handbag.

SO I decided to play safe, simple shape, soft gray color (With purple fabric on the inside, that has some silver sparks), a detachable pin (incase they don't like it) and with zipper and pockets -Who doesn't love pockets and zippers, Right? :)

bolso-telas { Fabric close up }

bolso2 { Ironing the innerlining and the folds to make easier the sewing part }

I started cutting the squares for all the parts I already draw on my notebook with an approximate height and width, I iron all the pieces and shaped the holder stripes and inner pocket so the sewing can be a little more smooth

bolso3 { Sewing the stripes }

bolso4 { Attaching the stripes to the main piece }

bolso5 { A little detail on the left and pinning the inner fabric on the right }

Since I don't have levels or anything fancy to attach on the inside, I engraved my mane to a big clear heart and attach it with purple ribbon so they can remember that I love them :)

bolso6{ Inner pocket }

And here… the final product!


For the other bags I slightly changed the size on the bottom by not attaching the fold on the bottom, that makes the bags not so squares.

Because I call it a day on the sewing department this is my work so far.


I just need to finish the details on the other 3 handbags and I’m ready.

But now I wonder, would this be enough of a gift? or Do I need to buy something else for them? maybe something to fill the bags with?

Can you girls (and boys) help me? Do you feel this is a good-as-it-is gift? or I need to brainstorm to complete their presents?


  1. Once again I am SO impressed with how talented you are! Goodness, those bags are great! I would put a little something in there at least. How about a little "wedding survival kit"? Make a little kit with tissues, a bottle of water, gum, chapstick, bandaids, advil, travel sewing kit, etc...stuff like that.

  2. hi! i'm MexicanGirl on WB, y encontré tu blog en el de Los Tortolitos, hope you don't mind! y me encantaron tus bolsas, están geniales!!! yo creo que puedes ponerles una cartita de agradecimiento por ser tus damas... y me gusta la idea de an aqua juel!

  3. Thank you for the ideas and the compliments girls!
    @Aqua: yeah! that's such a great idea!
    @GIO+SAM: Hey!! Muchas gracias :) Agrege tu blog a los blogs que estoy siguiendo

  4. gracias por agregarnos! aunque ya tiene 5 meses q nos casamos, sigo adicta a WB y me encantó cuando supe que había una 'abejita' latina, claro que eso te convirtió en una de mis favoritas! muchos saludos!


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