September 23, 2009

080 – The day is getting close

And I’m not talking about our wedding day, I’m talking about a day we have waited for 9 months...

... we will finally be reunited!!

Yeah! In exactly 12 days from today I’ll have my visa interview, and hopefully a couple of weeks later I’ll be on a plain with baby Curly, on my way to go marry Mr. Poodle - YAY!! …And even though I’m extremely excited about that, I’m not so happy about the packing, the amount left of paperwork Curly and I need to travel, and the fact that I’m still struggling with the emotional aspects of this move.

The past couple of week were very busy, BUT the next couple are going to be CRAZY! That’s why you probably won’t hear a lot from me over the next few weeks, but I don’t want you guys to forget about me!

On this next weeks before my move I need to finish my wedding dress and as many of the “sewing machine involvement” projects I still have left, since I still don't know where to get a sewing machine on the States within my budget (Mr Poodle if your reading this *hint hint* ) So yeah it’s going to be massive sewing, massive packing and some partying, since all of my friends want to hang out with me before I leave.

Now that I look back to the Visa Journey we started 8 months a go, I feel like we are about to cross the first one of our finish lines.

I know this is not the most glamorous way to cross it, but I think it reflex the feeling of our journey, because unlike most of the other cases I’ve follow, ours has not being very smooth. That’s why the fact of being together again, was the light on the end of the tunnel a lot of times. We never had problems on our relationship caused by distance, but I did had breakdowns once or twice because of the frustration this whole process brought me, plus the fact we were unable to travel to go see each other during all this 9 months of wait.

So my lovely ladies (and guys) all good vibes are very welcome for the day of my interview and please don’t forget about me, I’ll come back renew and hopefully geographically closer to many of you! (SoCal Bee met-ups *hint hint*)

Have you been apart from your SO for a significant period of time during your engagement? Why, and how did you handle it?


  1. How exciting! I hope you finish packing everything on time :) But more importantly, good luck with the Visa interview! Hopefully all goes well. This is a pretty big move, so do take the time to enjoy every single moment of it!

  2. We are in the same boat!!! YEA :) Then I know the excitement you're feeling. Congrats on making it this far...only a few more days to go!

  3. Thank you much!!!! I'm SO excited :D


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