September 9, 2009

076 - Packing up your wedding?

Moving is never an easy task, I’ve moved more than 10 times in my life, but only once before to a different country, back then I was only 7 years old and I could not understand why I had to leave all of my toys here in Chile, why I was not allowed to bring all of them with me to Argentina? – Well now, 20 years later I KNOW!!

I’m at the point where I need to start packing so I can know the weight/size of all the things I need to carry with me, and the ones I’ll have to ship to California. I’m starting to wonder how much of my stuff I’ll be able to take there, I’ve had feedback form people over VisaJourney, but the one that moves on all cases are guys, and well, they can fit everything on two suitcases, CRAZY!

I’ll be carrying with me most of my wedding related items, why? Because I’m a crazy bride, I’ve been putting so much work/love into my projects that I just can’t ship those and give a chance for them to get lost on the mail (yeah Mr. Poodle and I have lost several presents/letters over mail on the last two years) The good thing is that because I knew I had to travel with my projects I’ve been only making small and light projects, so I can carry them easily.

Last weekend I finally finish and start the packing on one of my dearest and more time consuming projects: My origami flowers, this little guys have being with me for over two months, yeah I was that crazy girl on the subway folding flowers, SI! That was me again on the waiting room of the doctor, I folded every time I could and after several hours (and the help of MOH, sister and mom) we fold 1,025 purple pedals, and that’s exactly 205 flowers, because it was easier to transport them as single pedals we didn't glue them together, that's for later, hopefully I'll get help on that task too hehe

I'm so glad the folding is over :)

But now I had to think about a way to store the pedals so they would not get damage, at first I thought about just filling spots with those after I pack my clothes, but I found out there are super delicate, that was not an option, I had to do something else, I had to pack them :(   (Sad face because that means I had to arrange them = time consuming)

{ So glad that I have one of my favorite companies on this task: Curly! - On the right my fat bag full of purple pedals }

{ So I slowly arrange them on piles of ten, then tie them on packages of 50 }

{ Slowly and very carefully started to tie them! I can't tell you how frustrated is to have a pile almost ready to tie and having the collapsed on your face in a big explosion - yeah! 
be careful dont get them too tight }

{ The almost done picture!! yay! - and si esos rulos en la izquierda son: Curly lol }

Now after packing this I got to really feel for destination wedding brides, how you girls do it? have you experience packing really close to your wedding?

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