September 10, 2009

077 - Amazing news!... and "The beggining"

 I Officially passed my medical exam for the visa! YAY - Some of you would wonder "But didn't you already share with us that your case was approved?" I know! Visa process are looooong and there's a gazillion steps, what I was celebrating back then  was getting our NOA2 (Second notice of action) after that, our case was sent to the US Embassy here in Chile, where they scheduler our interview, but before that I needed to pass my medical exam, witch I DID officially yesterday! Now I'll have to sit patiently again until my interview the first week of October, so cross your finger for me :)

 Now, since we dont have one of those "aww..." proposal stories, I thought I should share the story of how we met instead. On my very first post I shared a little about how we actually met, yes! it was while I was hitchhiking...

{ This is not the picture of the day I met Mr. Poodle, But back then I thought it was SO FUNNY to have a picture of me hitchhiking, because I thought it was "one of those things" 
I would never do - Seriously!}

Back in December 2006 I went to California on a work exchange program, I worked on a small Sky Resort on the San Bernardino Mountains; everything was pretty new to me and I was the only one on the resort that went all alone (All the other international went there on groups of friends). I stayed with 10 more Chileans and Argentinians on a house – I know! CRAZY! our house was a complete mess hehe.

On my first week at work I run into a shocking discover - This happen to me because Iwas so excited about being hired that I didn’t pay attention to this little detail - there was NO public transportation for the workers! (ok there was one Marta buss each morning, but not the kind you will trust to be on time each day) :O - so almost against my will I found myself hitchhiking to work :(.

We did small 2 to 4 people groups with the other Chileans I lived with to hitchhike (I completely hated it the first day - I was sooo embarrassed!).

On the second day, my roommate and I jumped in and just like the day before, I sit next to the driver, because I was the one not SO scared about chatting on English. But this time the driver was a guy (Si, era Mr. Poodle!) he was extremely nice and funny - I think his sense of humor completely caught my attention so  after I jump out of the truck (without asking him if he did work there) I thought "Yay! today was SO much better!"

Later that morning I was outside changing a trash bag out of a frizzed trashcan - What a girly thing to do on a cold winter morning? (yup I did whatever they ask me to do on the resort) So I saw him again - walking my direction on his Sky Patrol uniform - with a weird look on his face he offered help (I was kicking that trashcan as hard as I could to break the ice on the bottom) he tried hard to show how strong he was, kicking it "like a man", but didn't work - It was not the most romantic situation but there was sparks all over!! :)

{ Really fast I realize our personalities were a perfect match - California 2006}

It was almost a love at first sign kind of thing, after seeing each other for the first time, we would often look for each other around the resort. A month after we first met we started dating. When the sky season ended I stayed a few extra weeks to travel around, he then asked me to stay to see him graduate from the Fire Academy.

{ How could I say no to that handsome man! :P - Joshua Tree 2007}

Fast forward about 2 years with a few trips for the both of us (to go see each other), and we finally decided that we didn’t want to be apart anymore and started the paperwork for a fiancé visa (You know it Mrs D’orsay, we can buuuu! together!), this normally takes about 4 months, but we were hoping it could be faster – Um Nop! We are already pass the 6 months mark and I’m still living in Chile, but I’ll be moving soon so I should NOT complain :) - USCIS I love you! hehe

I’m sure there’s a lot of really funny/sweet/not so normal ways of meting your Mr. on the hive! Want to share yours?  :)


  1. Congratulations on passing your Medical! Just one more little step... before you have to worry about AOS : ) Are you moving soon after your visa approval?

  2. Yeah! I know! it's like a never ending process!!, we are thinking about mid October, hopefully we wont have to wait much longer after I have the visa on hand.

  3. Hola Joy,

    Felicitaciones por pasar el examen medico!
    Sorry for not introduced myself first.
    I found your webpage on visajourney and though I haven't registered my story there, I'm from Chile too and I'm pursuing the same dream as you (I sent the papers on July for the K-1, and my fiancee already received the 1st NOA). I'm so anxious to be with my beloved sweetheart that I can't wait for October to receive the 2nd NOA, nor to wait until I finally meet again with him.

    I was wondering if you could share your thoughts about the medical exam. Also, did the embassy make the appointment with the doctor? Did they put you the "vacunas"? What did they exactly do to you?
    I would appreciate if you could also let me know which of the two doctors did you go to, just to have a reference of what to do in that stage.

    Thanks in advance and hermosa tu pagina. Me encantaron los tips para la fiesta de matrimonio :)


  4. Hola Maria!!

    Felicitaciones por recivir tu NOA1! (Eso ya es un paso importante :) )

    Despues de que tu novio reciva el NOA2, le mandan a la embajada los papeles necesarios para que se pongan en contacto contigo, te envian via correo el "Packet 3" y en ese paquete esta la informacion para contactar al medico, yo elegi a la Doctora Gail, solo por tincada lol - Para el examen tienes que levar el pasaporte, una foto y las formas del pakete 3, el examen no es mucha cosa, muchas preguntas, te pesan, miden, toman la presion, examinan tu vision, pulmones, corazon, etc. En el mismo centro medico te hacen los examenes de sangre y radiografias, se demoran como 2 dias, las vacunas (Si tienes que ponerte - Yo me puse 2) te las puedes poner donde quieras, pero el lugar mas barato es el Vacunatorio Internacional de el Hospital Salvador, ademas son super atentas.

    Si tienes mas dudas cualquier pregunta solo enviame un Email - Me encatara ayudarte en lo que pueda! Y muchas gracias for the compliments! Did you already set a date for your wedding? - It's always so cool to find fellow Chileans on the Wedding Planning World :)

    Un beso!


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