October 19, 2010

Handmade Amor: Getting Ready -The details

All of this months of preparation, massive DIY and late nights were finally paying off. It was the morning of our Wedding day!
But before I go into our getting ready I just wanted to share some detail pictures:

All of my handmade work hanged in the Ranch's house :)

My hair-flower and belt

The hand carved hangers with each of my BM's names

My garter with small clay flowers

 My -so hard to find- Purple cowgirl boots!

And of course all of the bouquets I made with a mix of clay flowers, paper napkins flowers, silk and tissue paper flowers. I placed them in bottles with a little tag so each of my BM's could identify their flowers.

My bouquet :)

And the flower boutonniere I made for all the Moms, Aunts and Grandmas, I made One different in Spanish for my Mom so she could have it later to remember our wedding :)

All Images by the super talented Next Exit Photography 
(Editing has being made by me in some of them)

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October 18, 2010

Handmade Amor: We rehearse and change plans

The day before our wedding started with all the guys taking all of the wedding stuff down to the ranch, we were all so excited. While the girls went to get our nails done in the morning, the guys rehearse their dance moves and moved everything.

That morning Betty (Mr. Poodles Mom) was working on the last touches to finish our wedding cake, we all decided on a 3 layer: Bottom layer of chocolate and peanut butter, middle layer of Vanilla and Raspberry and the top of Carrot. She did such an awesome job, just wait to see!


We had a lot of help from our friends and family setting everything up for the next day, but after being almost ready, we realize even though the day was sunny and perfect, the weather was supposed to change very fast and there was supposed to rain in our wedding day :(

That afternoon once all of us were at the Ranch we went to our outdoor wedding site to start with the rehearsal, unfortunately the afternoon got windy and cold super fast. Even though we completed all the reahersal we nedded, we had to move the dinner that was planned at our wedding chapel, to the Barn.

We used a flat trailer as our transportation, witch was the perfect way to practice for the next day, since we dint want our guest to walk out to the field we were planning on using the trailer for our guest.

I was super excited to have my Mom and one of my dear friends come all the way from Chile to celebrate with us.

We were forced to all grab sweaters and jackets, because the fact that it was in the open field was not helping keeping us warm

Mr. Poodle's uncle Dino cooked my favorite Chilean Dish "Pastel de Choclo" he did so good, the food was amazing and we had the best from both our countries, because he also made cheesecake with cherry sauce as dessert - YUM!!

Dino was very scared to have my Mom there because he though the "Pastel de Choclo" was not going to be as good as we are used to eat. But he was very happy to find out my Mom and friend from Chile loved it! it was pretty awesome to taste a piece of it so far from Chile :)

After the dinner we had to finish arranging and moving everything from the outside (were the party was supposed to be) to the inside of the Barn. And even though I was pretty sad at first, because the way I had everything picture in my head outside was way better to my eyes than being inside (and bigger) I just got over it and we all went to bed hoping for the rain to come later in the afternoon of the next day, because even tho we had a plan B now for the party, we had no plan B for the ceremony, and after all the work all our friends and family put into finishing our outdoor chapel, we were going to get married there, rain or no rain :)

We had family friends helping with almost everything, from ironing our table runners, to the steaming of our clothes. I don't think this wedding would have being the same without all of their help, it was truly a labor of love, Thank you so much for the support in the most important day of our lives.

Stay tuned, because this is just the beginning.
Literally - This is was how the wedding day started for me :) 

Next up: Getting ready!

October 6, 2010

Bridal shower and Bachelorette Party/B-day

It did not all happen in just one day, That would be way too busy!

I had a Bridal Shower thanks to my dear MIL and then the weekend after that, my Bachelorette Party/Birthday :) Both pretty awesome weekends. So let's start with the first one.

Bridal Shower

MIL organized a Bridal shower for me with most of her friends and family (at that point I didn't really had many friends in California so I borrowed hers)

She did such a great job! and I am so Thankful, the food was awesome and the games super fun.

She had everyone set up baskets with themes as presents, and the Poodle stuff animal in my first present was one of my favorites!

Another gift tradition was this very cool and fun baby-doll, it took me a while to figure what it was, so once I did it was extra funny.

An the most touching moment was when MIL's Aunt Margaret hand me the engagement right of her Grandma as my something old, a tradition they have being carried for a very long time now, inside the box there was a card for me and another one that has being signed by all the brides in the family that had worn the ring in their wedding day. In that moment I really felt like as was a part of the family already so I couldn't help to cry, and of course it was a very special moment to remember and honor the brides that are not longer with us.

MIL and Mimi (MiL's Mom) baked me not just one but two super tasty cakes, a pretty bride and a flower basket cake :) they were so good!

Bachelorette and B-day Party

This time I had nothing to wear so a few hours before we had to leave I grab some fabric I gad laying down and added some tulle in the inside, I added an elastic, a few stitches and I had the perfect skirt.

I pair it with a shirt, a belt  and I was ready to go :)

We head to a restaurant first to have dinner. Once we got there my friend Katy pull this goodie bag with a sash, tiara and very sassy props for all of us.

I say Shannon's face when she saw them is priceless :)

And one of my favorites my very own "bun pincher"

MIL and SIL join us later for the fun.

Our waitress that night was awesome, she helped Katy with games and make the waiters play with us, they read their cards and made funny challenges with us, they even posed in our pictures.

After dinner it was time for Katy's special cupcakes!!

But not before I completed the last challenge and get one of the waiter's belt. It was pretty funny and after I read the card, he just took it off and handed it to me saying "I will need it back tho"

After that we headed off to dance, MIL had my in the screen, how sweet of her!!

We had so much fun trying to learn how to line dance, and even though I didnt had it planned I did dance with a man. But how could I have said no? after all |I had to learn to be able to dance at the wedding.

I also got the chance to ride the mechanic bull for the first time ever :)

I know what you might be thinking, but don't worry I brought pants for that part

Bull ride from Joy on Vimeo.

They were both awesome weekends and I am so thankful my friends and MIL  did all this for me :) I makes me feel so loved!

October 5, 2010

Let's get this party started!

Hola hive! long time no see, do you still remember me?

Well, let me refresh your mind. I moved to CA from Chile just a few months before our wedding, Mr. Poodle and I met while I was hitchhiking. We struggle with a very bumpy K1 Visa process while I started blogging to improve my English. We plan most of our wedding long distance and pull off a massive amount of DIY projects for our wedding day: I made my dress, my BMs dresses, baked all our desserts and so much more! We even build our own outdoor chapel with the help of our family and friends.

Ok, so now that you are all updated let me tell you why I haven't blog in such a long time. You can blame it all in this:

Our Thank you cards!

I promise myself I was not going to blog until I got all of those out of the way, I know it has being a very long time, but out of all our DIY projects I have to admit this has being by far the hardest.  I can't remember last time I handwritten that much in my life, but that might have to do with the fact I wanted every message to be special and long - hehe

Finally today they are in the way to our friends and family :)

And just in case you want to see, here is the design I made for  our Thank you postcards using one of my favorite wedding pictures:

I am so excited to get the recaps started and share our wedding day with all of you!
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