October 18, 2010

Handmade Amor: We rehearse and change plans

The day before our wedding started with all the guys taking all of the wedding stuff down to the ranch, we were all so excited. While the girls went to get our nails done in the morning, the guys rehearse their dance moves and moved everything.

That morning Betty (Mr. Poodles Mom) was working on the last touches to finish our wedding cake, we all decided on a 3 layer: Bottom layer of chocolate and peanut butter, middle layer of Vanilla and Raspberry and the top of Carrot. She did such an awesome job, just wait to see!


We had a lot of help from our friends and family setting everything up for the next day, but after being almost ready, we realize even though the day was sunny and perfect, the weather was supposed to change very fast and there was supposed to rain in our wedding day :(

That afternoon once all of us were at the Ranch we went to our outdoor wedding site to start with the rehearsal, unfortunately the afternoon got windy and cold super fast. Even though we completed all the reahersal we nedded, we had to move the dinner that was planned at our wedding chapel, to the Barn.

We used a flat trailer as our transportation, witch was the perfect way to practice for the next day, since we dint want our guest to walk out to the field we were planning on using the trailer for our guest.

I was super excited to have my Mom and one of my dear friends come all the way from Chile to celebrate with us.

We were forced to all grab sweaters and jackets, because the fact that it was in the open field was not helping keeping us warm

Mr. Poodle's uncle Dino cooked my favorite Chilean Dish "Pastel de Choclo" he did so good, the food was amazing and we had the best from both our countries, because he also made cheesecake with cherry sauce as dessert - YUM!!

Dino was very scared to have my Mom there because he though the "Pastel de Choclo" was not going to be as good as we are used to eat. But he was very happy to find out my Mom and friend from Chile loved it! it was pretty awesome to taste a piece of it so far from Chile :)

After the dinner we had to finish arranging and moving everything from the outside (were the party was supposed to be) to the inside of the Barn. And even though I was pretty sad at first, because the way I had everything picture in my head outside was way better to my eyes than being inside (and bigger) I just got over it and we all went to bed hoping for the rain to come later in the afternoon of the next day, because even tho we had a plan B now for the party, we had no plan B for the ceremony, and after all the work all our friends and family put into finishing our outdoor chapel, we were going to get married there, rain or no rain :)

We had family friends helping with almost everything, from ironing our table runners, to the steaming of our clothes. I don't think this wedding would have being the same without all of their help, it was truly a labor of love, Thank you so much for the support in the most important day of our lives.

Stay tuned, because this is just the beginning.
Literally - This is was how the wedding day started for me :) 

Next up: Getting ready!

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