September 20, 2011

Handmade Amor: Toast and Thank

Before the Maid of honor and Best man did their toast we wanted to thank everyone that was there at our wedding. One big part of our guest were by our side each step of the way, helping us with every single little task, so we wanted to make sure we Thank everyone. We were so thankful for our family and friends that took our wedding projects as their own and many times without even asking we got more help than we could have imagine =] We are truly blessed!

So i started thanking, and when it was Mr. Poodle's turn without even notice I stole the microphone again, I guess I was way too excited and I can not blame it on the alcochol because I didn't even drink until very late that night lol

I made sure to cheer and scream for everyone we were thanking =]

Momma Poodle thought it was pretty funny!

Then it was time for Mr. Poodle's Brother Matt to share some words, he's so awesome and adorable!

He even gave me a teary eye =]

Then Mr. Poodle's sister talk to us, she is so cute =]

And we wanted Mr. Poodle's Dad to share a few words and we wanted to specially thank him and let everyone know that he build the awesome outdoor chapel we had just left., but he was no where to be found until he ran to the inside of the barn, he was pretty funny =]

So after a little wait we got to Thank him and he got to share a little too, I think that i have no words to express how much he means to me =]  I  feel so lucky to have him as my Father in law!

After all of the talking was over it was time for some food!

And even out flower girl enjoy it so much! We had this little local restaurant catering our celebration and it could have not being better, the food was so yummy!! A bunch of us end up going for seconds =]

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*All Images by the super talented Next Exit Photography
(I’ve edited some of them)

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