September 14, 2011

Handmade Amor: It's tossing time

It's funny that one of my favorite pictures from our wedding it's not even a picture of us, but the picture of Mr. Poodles best friend's grandma catching the bouquet. To me it was awesome that she was the one getting it and even better, her reaction was priceless =]

I made a paper and napkin flowers bouquet to toss because I didn't want anyone to get hurt with the clay flowers I made for all the rest of the bouquets, I also added some silk shamrock to add a pop of green =]

Do you recognize some of the ladies there? yes those are the Stripes!

You can also see Mrs dachshund in the red sweater =]

When it was garter time, the groomsman covered Mr. Poole's eyes and his best friend Scott got ready with some nylons to try to trick him into thinking that he was me. We planned this the day before the wedding and I have to say it turn out funnier than we thought.

Our only problem was that Scott forgot that I am extremely ticklish, specially in my feet, so when Mr. Poodle got a little suspicious, he tickle his feet. I tried to signal that he needed to act like he was laughing .

But Mr. Poodle didn't believe it and took the blindfold out, ran towards me and got under my dress. He was going to get the garter no matter what LOL - So I had no chance to even run.

He was so happy he finally got it!

Scott was pretty happy with the leg touching, I just have to say it!

And after telling me and laughing for a little, the guys were ready to try to get the garter.

As you can see there were some way more excited than others =]

And even tho it was a close one one of Mr. Poodle's close friend caught it, and he actually got married a few months a go, so this actually worked for him, but I am sad to inform that the bouquet didn't bring much luck, because she's still looking =]

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*All Images by the super talented Next Exit Photography
(I’ve edited some of them)

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