November 11, 2010

Handmade Amor: Getting ready - I am a BRIDE!

So we left off when I showed you some lovely details, well now it's time to really start with our wedding day!- early morning I started the day with my Bridesmaids waking me up, since all of us spend the night at the ranch we took turns to use the 4 showers, I was one of the last ones, because everyone insisted I should get more sleep - So happy they let me!
I started putting my make-up and my SIL was in charge of my hair ( and all of the bridesmaids)

Since my hair was the most work out of ALL of them (I have SO MUCH hair and it was pretty long)  SIL Kristin had the help of my dear friend Katy and both of them curled the massive amount of hair.

I decided not to have a trial of makeup or hair, just because I always change my mind, so I wanted to see right in there what I felt more like. and I had some ideas that we discussed while they were curling my hair.

Momma Poodle was so happy, and of course I could have not be happy that she, after all the struggle, got to share the day with us.

I finally went for a very soft smokey eyeshadow.

And Momma Poodle approved the curls hehe

SIL strategically planned to do the girls hair early before I was ready because we all agreed my hair was going to take a long time just to curl.

We all had so much fun while getting ready, I think it was just what I needed, because it made all my nervous, freaking-out-over-lat-minute-stuff go away :)

After they finish with my hair, I fixed my Moms hair :)

Lily, our flower girl wasn't liking the big flower I had attached to her dress, so we had to remove it, but it was alright after we took the flower she was happy

Poor lily!

We all had a girl moment and got ready to dress!

BM Katy was giving her make up the last touches.

And I jump to my dress

As you can see I was pretty excited :)

 I attached my sash

 And of course had to have a Poodle somewhere!

So excited!

At that time Lily was all excited too!

All ready!

If you remember at my bridal shower, we had a very special moment where Mr. Poodles Aut Margaret hand me the ring that her grandmother wore at her wedding, ever since every bride of the family has got a chance to wear it somehow, I decided to attach it to my bouquet. and wrote in the card with their wedding dates.

It was such a fun morning getting ready with my friends and family, we relax, joke around and enjoy every single moment :)

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*All Images by the super talented Next Exit Photography
(Editing has being made by me in some of them)
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