August 25, 2011

Handmade Amor: Our first dance

After our ceremony, we drove the quads to the bard for  our reception. In case you guys don't remember, we had last minute changes for our reception due to the bad weather that all of the sudden brought rain and wind to our wedding weekend. Our friends and family helped us move everything that we had set up outside (tables, dance floor, lights, DJ tower, etc..) to the metal barn Mr. Pooldle's grandparents use as a shop and garage.

I have to say that even tho this was not what we had originally planned, I loved it and we had the time of our lives, dancing, laughing and the best part, we were old protected from the cold and rain =] For our first dance we selected a song very close to our hearts: Bendita tu luz by Mana

Actually we love this song because it talks about how they were on the road at the same time, and well since Mr. Poodle and I met while I was hitchhiking, timing was a very important and definitely a sign for us.

After looking at all of our dancing pictures I wonder why I make so many funny faces, but singing while dancing can do that to you =]

Since we didn't have a father-daughter dance, we decided to include my mom and Mr. Poodle's Parents in a dance. Even tho we focused our song choice on our Mommas.

We had so much fun rockin to this song and just being goofy =]

And we had an improvised father-in-law/daughter-in-law dance,  I have to say that we both enjoy dancing very much (just in case you didn't notice hehe)

It was so touching to have him, and Poodle Momma in the place of the father-daughter dance and it made me feel so much better about not having that "always wanted" dance with my dad.

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*All Images by the super talented Next Exit Photography
(I’ve edited some of them)

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