October 11, 2011

Handmade Amor: Our cake and reception details

We were so lucky to have my talented MIL Betty bake our wedding cake, she asked us what flavors we liked and the look we were going for, and we could have not been happier, because it was not only delicious, it was so cute! We loved it so much =]

We use one of the 8 tree stumps FIL worked on to be used as trays for the sweets and as the cake stand, MIL kept a tray so the cake would not directly touch the coated wood just in case.

I worked on our cake toppers made out of clay and wire long before our wedding, they were actually one of my first projects and short before the wedding I finally finish them with the help of Tammy, on of my Mother in Law Betty's good friend, she did an awesome job painting the faces of out little selfs :)

Betty did an amazing job with the texture I describe I'd like, and even from the beginning I was not worried at all because she's awesome. So I knew it was going to be great, we gave her as much creative freedom as possible and she did great!

We also had so much fun cutting the cake, even tho I have to say that I was kind of scared to have cake shoved in my face. I  had already asked Mr. Poodle to be gentle, but I was unsure of the outcome lol
After we cut the cake we feed each other and Mr. Poodle was awesome, not a crumb in my face hehe

I also wanted to show a little more of our reception details, first our sitting arrangements, since we had a long dessert buffet, we decided to stamp little lunch bags with our guest table numbers and wrote their names so they could find their assigned table. I made this sign below to explain it and we hanged all the bags with clothe-pins that they could use to close their bags once they got their sweets.

I also made circles out of wrapping paper and added a little piece of magnet tape in the back to add to the barn's metal door (where we arranged our sweet buffet)

As I shared before, the week before our wedding along with all the other last minute projects I baked tons of sweets for our guest =]

FIL helped me make 2 wood trays of 3 levels for our sweet buffet, they were so cute! and we added little birdcages at the top =]

I have to say that this must have been my last batch for refill (all of the ugly cake pops) because I know the first 2 were very cute! pinky promise!

Here you can also see the setting of the tables and centerpieces, We used jars and cut bottles with beans and seeds to hold the branches and origami flowers, we also used paper as our table runners and our wood plates and silverware =]

Below you can see the front of our trifold programs, were I used the graphic I made of of the picture I showed you guys long long time a go =]

Some more pictures of our origami and napkin flowers!

Our legal ceremony table, where we shared with everyone our beach ceremony pictures.

Our mini toppers that ende up being a thank you for coming sign in one of the tables.

And here is how our guest book "tree frame" looked like =]

We were so happy it got all full of lefts even tho I was surprised someone misplaced the purple ink I used for the bags and set it with the rest of the green inks I had for the tree, i was pretty bummed because I wanted all of the leafs to be different shades of green. But after a few days I realized that even tho it doesn't look like I wanted it does have everyone's index finger print, and that's priceless =] Besides purple and green were our wedding colors hehe.

The week before the wedding, FIL and the guys were cutting a tree in the back of the ranch and even tho it looked like a normal tree once they cut it it looked like a heart shape in the center, so we use a few of those for our centerpieces =]

Mr. Poodle's aunt Joy (I am the second Joy of the family hehe) made a sign for us to add to the ones that are permanently at the ranch, so from then on our wedding will always be one of the celebrations that took place at the ranch =]

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*All Images by the super talented Next Exit Photography
(I’ve edited some of them)

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