October 21, 2011

Not Adios, but hasta luego...

I know I've been avoiding to write this post because I hate to say goodbye, but the time has come and even tho I know it would be a "see you later" because I love the hive way too much, it's still sad to officially finish the Handmade Amor recaps, but don'y worry I will be showing my face every time I can =]

Right now I am in Chile enjoying some beautiful spring weather while in vacations with my family and it's a little touching to be sitting down in the exact same chair as when I wrote my very first post back in 2009.  Mostly because since the wedding I've only been here twice.

When I think about our wedding I can't help but associate pretty much everything with Weddingbee. This community helped us shape our wedding, we shared with all of you our moments of joy, projects and a few tears along the way too. All of the comments supporting our projects and plans meant the world to me and Mr. Poodle. Because of weddingbee I started blogging and after 2 years I am completely hooked, so you can visit me at my little blog-space called HowJoyful.com, there I share tutorials, crafts, my sewing adventures and everything in between - I am also on Twitter and my latest obsession Pinterest! =]

I've showed you all the pretty wedding pictures we have, but I also have to show you all the reality of how cold it was while we moved from place to place =] and I have to thank our awesome photographers Cat and Adi from Next Exit Photography for being so talented and show a prefect weather day in our pictures, when it was super windy and cold =]

{personal pic}

And after our wonderful wedding day we spent a day with my Mom because she left to come back to Chile two days after the wedding, she helped us opening presents and we relaxed before leaving for our honey moon in Lake Tahoe =]

{super tired day after pic}

I have to say that saying goodbye is pretty sad, I shared so much with all of you. And our wedding plans would have not been the same with you, so for that - Thank you! The hive will always have a special place in my heart.

Mrs. Poodle
(from Chile with Love)

p.s. if you want see all of our recaps here is the list for you =]

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Handmade Amor: First look

*All Images unless otherwise stated by the super talented Next Exit Photography

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