July 19, 2011

Handmade Amor: We are Husband and Wife!

In my last post I shared our vows and how much fun that part of our ceremony was! Well after that our friend Paul did one on the more touching prayers I've heard from him.

The air around us felt warm for a moment while we had our eyes closed and carefully listen to Paul's sweet prayer. I don't think i can describe how happy I felt while holding his hands =]  (I did felt my dress hitting me in the face a few times tho hehe)

Our long distance relationship was finally facing an end and we were about to begin a full new life together, closer than ever before.

Mr. Poodle and I were so touch, happy and excited to finally be presented as Husband and Wife! and well, the kiss speaks from itself =]

After that we started walking as our guest got a hold of the birdseed =]

I end up with seeds EVERYWHERE! it was funny and I guess some of them didnt even bother to untie the little bags and hit Mr. Poodle with the several times.you can see one coming the the photo below, but it was awesome!

And I can't finish with our ceremonie recaps without specially thanking the people that made it possible for my family back in Chile to witness everything from their computers. Carl and Jimmy (right and center) The worked so hard trying to get internet access in the remote area we chose for our ceremonie and when everything seemed like it was just not going to happen, they called me on Skype while I was sewing pillowcases at home with Momma Poodle and showed me the finish fireplace/altar in our chapel. I could not help but cry because it just meant the world to me. They did the impossible and helped with tons of cables and several routers brought our wedding to the ones that could not come. They just ROCK! And of course on the left our Dj Ricky, the coolest DJ EVER just wait and see!

Next up... you really want to see our rides :P so stay tuned!

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*All Images by the super talented Next Exit Photography
(I’ve edited some of them)

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